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Hello folks,

We have new marines in stock from now on we get a weekly delivery so we are building up our fish stock and corals again.

We are also doing pre orders…….we will be buying from Tropical Marine Centre in the Uk they are the best in the business all fish and corals inverts fully  quarantined…….


So if you preorder you will save money we guarantee cheaper prices………


Some of the fish in stock ….some are reserved others sold so this is as up to date as i can make it……

button polys coloured in stock

star polyps  in stock

cleaner shrimp in stock

algae blennys in stock

copperband butterfly in stock

long nose butterfly in stock

coral beauty in stock

yellow tangs in stock

regal tangs in stock

bi colour angels in stock

koran angel in stock

blue trigger in stock

red bubble anemone in stock

facula butterfly in stock

green chromis in stock

humbugs in stock

domino damsel in stock

clown fish percula tank bred in stock

fire fish in stock

sulphur goby in stock

carpet anemone in stock

valentini puffer in stock

pyjama wrasse in stock

button polyps giant green in stock

raffles butterfly in stock

blue regal damsel

powder blue tang in stock


limited quantities so dont hang around……i willl update for next weeks order.



Cheers everyone thank you for your patience……..