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shipping livestock winter 2020

hey folks, hope your all safe and well, its winter time again and we are still shipping livestock all over the country just with added delays…

firstly we can not ship if the night time temperatures are too cold, as the boxes sit either in a van over night or in a crate in the fastway depot. we will monitor the forecast and decide when its safe to send out the fish. we do use heat packs and insulated boxes but if night temps are below 6 its not safe to ship livestock.

once your order is placed you will not receive any unwanted annoying emails from us until the fish are shipped, once the box leaves the store we will send your tracking number to the email address provided at the time the order was placed.

stock levels are up and down with shipping delays all over the world, these are live animals not boxes of shoes on a shelf, they come and go weekly so please be patient.

if you have any questions about stock please call us on 014582522


Aquatic Village

Pond season 2020

Pond Season is under way and although we are in lockdown the store remains open

stock arriving weekly, foods, meds, pumps, Uv bulbs,  all essentials, if you cant make it up

order online and we will ship directly to your door

New deliveries……..04/10/2018

Hello there.

Ian here.

We have a new shipment of marine fish in, there are some cracking fish in stock…Like Flame angels….always a crack addition to anyone’s marine aquarium.

Some yellow tangs
dart fish
yellow goatfish….
purple noon angel
eblis angel
blue eye tang
lopez tang
powder blue tang
longnose butterfly
clown tang
round face tang
sailfin tang
vampire tang
picasso trigger
valentini puffer
dogface puffer
box fish …..little cracker…
blue trigger
cleaner shrimp
voltans lion fish
fuzzy dwarf lionfish
cleaner wrasse
pyjama wrasse
silver belly wrasse
snowflake eel
sideria eel
goldrim tang
blue and white wrasse
yellow wrasse
royal gramma
dwarf green goby

theres more but im running out of time……

As always we have lots of trops in….

By the way we have a lot of tropical plants in stock from dennerle…their plants are always great quality…and to match we have some cracking pieces of woods in stock arrived this morning.

Hope this helps you a little…there is alwayus something happening up here…..



Next Day Delivery Explained

next day delivery does not mean the fish will arrive 24h after you have placed the order.

it is simply a term used to describe a service offered by the courier company.

if you order fish online they will be sent out asap, as we carry such a vast range of fish and inverts things may be out of stock from day to day and they have to be ordered in, this means we then need time to condition the fish before preparing them for delivery.

once the fish are in stock and healthy we then can ship them using the couriers “next day delivery” service.

the fish will arrive within 24h of being packed

but please be aware and understand that once the fish leave the shop what happens to them
is out of our control, we get a tracking number the same as you do.

we also must point out that our chosen courier has not yet let us down
we have had very few if any issues with delivering livestock.

Aquatic Village

delivery cost increase

an increase of delivery charge to €18.50 per box now applies.
please remember to keep the boxes and return them if possible
polyboxes are damaging to the enviroment so please re-use them
rather than despose of them.

Aquatic Village

New arrivals….Tropicals 31/01/2018

Hello everyone we have a new delivery arrive today……there are some stunning fish to see and add to your collection…

1. Acarichthys heckelii.
2. Blushing Angelfish.
3. Dantum Angelfish.
4. Golden Angelfish.
5. Platinum Angelfish.
6. Zebra Angelfish.
7. Koi Angelfish.
8. Apistogramma Bitaeniata Wild.
9. Apistogramma Paucisquamis
10. Colombian shark cat.
11. Corydoras Aenus Venezuelan Black.
12. Corydoras Schwartzi.
13. Corydoras Sterbai.
14. Pigeon Blood Discus.
15. Pigeon Blood Snakeskin Discus.
16. Pigeon Blood Tiger Discus.
17. Discus Red Wave.
18. Geophagus Altifrions Rio Araguaia
19. Geophagus Aporeama.
20. Geophagus Rio Araguaia.
21. Geophagus Rio Parana.
22. Geophagus Steindachneri.
23. Geophagus Winemilleri.
24. Metynnis Red Hook.
25. Myleus Schomburkii Tank Bred.
26. Ottocinclus.
27. Plecostomus Angelicus.
28. Spotted Ancistrus.
29. Plecostomus butterfly Black and white L52.
30. Plecostomus Clown.
31. Plecostomus Gold Nugget…
32. Plecostomus Polkadot L20.
33. Pseudotropheus Gold Kwanga.
34. Pseudotropheus Saulosi.
35. Electric Blue Ram.
36. Salminus Maxillosus (Stunning Dorado trout For the specimen hunter)
37. Scobiancistrus sp L48.
38. Synodontus Petricola.
39. Albino Angelfish.
40. Mackerel Babrb.
41. Red Tail Catfish South American.
42. Green Neon.
43. Glowlight Tetra.
44. Giant Gourami.
45. Arowana South American Silver.
46. Blue Rainbowfish.
47. Scarlet Endler.
48. Grade A Flowerhorn.
49. Zebra Loach.
50. Striped Garfish.
51. Gold & Black Snakehead.
52. Uaru.
53. Flowerhorn Standard grade.
54. African pike (Odoe).
55. Snakehead Diplogramma.
56. Silver Hatchetfish.
57. Rainbow Shark.
58. Emerald Snakehead.
59. Filamentosa barb.
60. Polypterus Laparadi.
61. Polypterus Endelicheri.
62. Topaz Pufferfish.
63. Dwarf Pufferfish (pea Puffer)
64. Wolf Fish.
65. Diamond Shark.
66. Bucktooth Tetra.
67. Rotkeil Sevrum.
68. XXl Rams.
69. Snook.
70. Convicts.
71. Lamprologus Brichardi.
72. Bala shark.
73. Jaguar Cichlid.
74. Red Tailed lOACH.
75. Longfin Danio.
76. Golden Danio.
77. Leopard Danio.
78. Yellow Tail Elongatus.
79. Ob Peacocks.
80. Frontosa.
81. Moori.
82. Tropheus Dubosi.
83. Malawi Eyebiter.
84. Livingstoni.
85. Cryptocara Broadzulu.
86. Melanachromis Maingano.
87. Golden Widow Tetra.
88. Blue Acara / Electric blue acara Hybrid.
89. Green Terror.
90. Jack Dempsey Cichlid.
91. Odessa Barb.
92. Chocholate Cichlid.
93. Golden Barb.
94. Tiger Barb.
95. Honduras Red point.
96. Albino Black Neon Tetra.
97. Rainbow Cichlid.
98. Golden Tetra.
99. Red oscar.
100. Albino Red Oscar.
101. Rosy Barb.
102. Flame Tetra.
103. Red Parrot fish.
104. Pristella Tetra.
105. Salvini Cichlid.
106. Red Eye Tetra.
107. Checker barb.
108. Rummynose Tetra.
109. Black Widow Tetra.

110. Common Goldfish.
111. Oranda goldfish.
112. Xl Black Moor Goldfish.
113. Japanese koi
114. Xl Red Cap Goldfish.
115. Black Gold Fish.
116. Xl Comet Goldfish.
117. Xl Shubunkin Goldfish.
118. Xl Calico Goldfish.
119. Xl Oranda Gold Fish.
120. Green Tench.
121. Sturgeon.
122. White Cloud Mountain Minnow.
123. Weather Loach.
124. Sailfin Tang (Marine).
125. Orange Shoulder Tang ( Marine).
126. File Fish.
127. Green Chromis.
128. Yellow Tang (Marine)
129. Voltans Lion Fish.
130. Emperor Angelfish.
131. Koran Angelfish.
132. Pyjama Cardinal.
133. Blue Damsel.
134. Yellow Tail Blue Damsel.
135. Facula Butterfly
136. Powder Blue Tang.
137. Yellow Goatfish.
138. Yellow Wrasse.
139. Red Tail File Fish.
140. Red Stripe Angel.

NEW ADDITIONS:15/02/2018

171.RAM ML

We will strive to post weekly stock up date.


live plants

Just to let you all know, we have been sourcing new suppliers for live plants, our plant section remains full from new suppliers such as aquaflora, so if you do not see something on the site please do call in to the store, plants will be added to the online store as they arrive

thank you

New arrivals at Aquatic Village 21/03/2017

Hello there,


Just a quick update.

We have sturgeon in stock. One of my favourite fish and they make a great addition to your pond everybody should have at least one in their lifetime. Easy to care for as long as well fed, they are hardy and well used to our climate but will not eat algae as so many other shops will swear blind that they do….these are primarily sterlets so they wont get much bigger than 30 inches…..they diamond we have on the other hand is already that size and will continue to grow……for ever…..:-) i find a little bit of dramatics makes the day go smoother…..


We have goldfish in stock some cracking big calico ryukins……small koi for under €10.

We have a marine delivery arriving tomorrow or thursday, our quest to rebuild our marine stocks is definitely on i am already compiling next weeks order so this will make it four deliveries in a row it’s just people keep buying them as they come in so it can be frustrating but a challenge ….look on the bright side Ian….


Marines due in….


green chromis

rusty angel

red stripe angel

marine betta

feather dusters

yellow polys (sounds painful)

yellow toadstool

carpet anemone  hard white

picasso triggers

valentini puffers

clown parrot

aptasia eating file fish

silver bellly wrasse

banded wrasse

yellow tangs

bicolour angel

regal tangs

longnosed butterfly

coral beauty


red bubble anemone

koran angel


domino damsel


cleaner shrimp

and more………..


Some cracking big malawi cichlids came in the other day all in splendid condition……

I will keep this blog as up to date as i can call up and visit always welcome to talk fish…..



Have a nice day







Hello folks,

We have new marines in stock from now on we get a weekly delivery so we are building up our fish stock and corals again.

We are also doing pre orders…….we will be buying from Tropical Marine Centre in the Uk they are the best in the business all fish and corals inverts fully  quarantined…….


So if you preorder you will save money we guarantee cheaper prices………


Some of the fish in stock ….some are reserved others sold so this is as up to date as i can make it……

button polys coloured in stock

star polyps  in stock

cleaner shrimp in stock

algae blennys in stock

copperband butterfly in stock

long nose butterfly in stock

coral beauty in stock

yellow tangs in stock

regal tangs in stock

bi colour angels in stock

koran angel in stock

blue trigger in stock

red bubble anemone in stock

facula butterfly in stock

green chromis in stock

humbugs in stock

domino damsel in stock

clown fish percula tank bred in stock

fire fish in stock

sulphur goby in stock

carpet anemone in stock

valentini puffer in stock

pyjama wrasse in stock

button polyps giant green in stock

raffles butterfly in stock

blue regal damsel

powder blue tang in stock


limited quantities so dont hang around……i willl update for next weeks order.



Cheers everyone thank you for your patience……..





New arrivals 07/12/2016

How many of you read our blogs? 07/12/2016


We are always wondering do people actually read our blogs? We are determined to put more time in to communicating with people that would actually use our website as a resource.

If you are one of those people why not send us an email confirming this that indeed this could be something you are interested in.

Why do i ask?

Well i believe people are interested in stories and happenings as well as information on what we do professionally.

Getting the mix right is the secret though.

We work in the most interesting place in the business, did you know Aquatic Village is the longest serving specialist in the country today/

Yes indeed.

But in this cyber age we have come to realize that we need to reach out more because now our audience is the world and that world would really appreciate a tiny slice of what we do.

For instance yesterday i had to examine a customers fish, it;s eye to be exact….he had a goldfish with one orb swollen so badly it was literally hanging from the eye socket, to make matters worse it was covered in what proved to be fungus.

I had to cut a sample from the eye and under the microscope we found out why the fungus had taken hold and was doing so much damage…..can you guess why?

I will let you think about it for a moment.



Fish keeping is a science.

At Aquatic Village we are not guessers.

Unfortunately the trade is ruined by charlatans and guessers.

Fungus is an opportunist. It normally invades after a primary problem has done its damage. So finding fungus on a fish is more of an indicator rather than the main culprit for the condition.

Obviously water conditions have to be taken into account and once satisfied we can proceed. In this case the parameters were spot on…Ph crashes can be the culprit in many cases fish tend to display similar symptoms due to acidosis….lots of mucous production….fraying of the fins, blood vessels rupturing, general lethargy and most likely death…..i cannot stress the importance of the correct PH balance you must test your system at least once a week….this is how we communicate with our animals.

Anyway i am digressing….as usual.

The primary culprit turned out to be white spot.

That’s right.

And only on the eye.

Unusual to say the least.

But whitespot under a microscope is very easy to recognize the tell tale circular body with its insides wriggling with new life waiting to invade it’s defenseless victim……you guys are used to seeing the tiny white dots that pepper the fish but this is not always the case….this is why my customers bring their fish to me, we offer this as a free service… competitors would not know where to begin.

Anyway problem solved.

But in general i would like to make a little more time for sharing stuff like this with you, i do this on a daily basis.

I will post this up on forums and facebook and our website and if this is useful to you then by all means let us know by emailing us at .

Also you can include topics relevant to your fishkeeping and i will try to address them… it marine/coldwater/koi in particular/tropical i do not mind i have been doing this since i was 11 and i am 49 now so i think i can be the angel on your shoulder.

Thank you for your time,

aquatic village team,


Ian Patrick Compton

fungusFungus whitespotwhitespot

Honduras Red Point Cichlid 04/12/2016

honduras red pointhonduras red point1 honduras red point3


We have Honduras Red Point cichlids in stock at the moment…..not an easy fish to find…some customers looking for these.
They are a cracking little cichlid from Honduras some classify them as fancy convicts but to be true they are in a different class.

Cracking specimens.

Remember buy 2 get one free…limited number available…..

New stock arrival. 30/11/2016

Hello everyone,

We got a shipment of tropical fish in today.

Please take a look at the list below, it is only new stock that is listed we still have a lot of other stock in our tanks.

Remember we have a sale on so tell your friends.

Green Tiger Barb €6.99
Shark Catfish €14.99
Guppy €3.50
Guppy €3.50
Guppy €3.50
Flagtail Prochilodus €65.00
Potato Puffer Xl €100.00
Pygmy Puffer €6.99
Spotted Puffer €14.99
Cardinal tetra €3.99
Neon Tetra €1.99
Aquidens Dorsigerus €9.99
Giraffe catfish €35.00
Chilotilapia Rhoadesii €19.99
Argentina Cichlid €14.99
Red Festae €19.99
Salvini Cichlid €12.99
Blue Acara €8.99
Pearl Flowerhorn €45.00
Blue Silf Flowerhorn €24.99
Honduran Red Point €22.99
Blood Parrot €45.00
Red Spot Severum €45.00
Texas Cichlid €9.99
Pygmy Corydoras €4.99
Dumbo Female Betta €14.99
Koi Male Betta €24.99
Koi Male Betta €24.99
Koi Male Betta €24.99
Koi Male Betta €24.99
Koi Male Betta €24.99
Koi Male Betta €24.99
Geophagus Balzani €14.99
Geophagus Demoni €26.99
Dragon Goby €35.00
Electric Blue Acara €29.99
Corydoras Panda €8.99






Sale on at Aquatic Village 27/11/2016

Hello folks,

We have decided to bring back Aquatic villages best ever sale offer.


Buy two tropical fish get one free!….that is 33% off…..who seels their finest stock at such low prices?


Only us.


If it helps get the cheapest fish free…..maybe you do not want big numbers of the same fish….we do not mind……



Offer is until the end of November …if it creates a stir then we may do this again and again but that is up to you……..

Make sure you tell all your friends…..and do not hang around or all our stock will be gone……it’s flying out the door as we speak…..



Have a nice day and hope to see you soon.




Stocking your aquarium looking for ideas?

Hello there,

Are you bored with your aquarium set up?

Tired of the same old fish?

Are you looking for something different maybe even a little more colourful?

The list of fish available for the aquarium hobby is mind boggling…..literally thousands and thousands of fish to choose from.

Depending on aquarium size we can offer dwarf species  particularly Apistogramma species, this are dwarf cichlids from South America

apisto 1 apisto 2 apisto 3 apisto 4 apisto 5

Fabulous colours right?

Decent temperament, they like planted aquariums that give them plenty of places to hide and invariably if you provide one or two females they are relatively easy to breed.

A lot of the apistos found in the hobby are from captive bred sources so water quality is not as much of an issue, Ph 7 most will do well in, if your water is too hard remember we give away suitable water absolutely free of charge so make sure you ask next time you are in store.

Another favourite in the hobby with similar requirements is the German blue ram.

Take a look stunning isn’t it?

The others are the gold ram and the electric blue ram.

These are easy fish to keep trust me the problem is they are not your typical pet shop fish but you will find them in shops that specialize in fish like ourselves, and they make wonderful additions to your aquarium.


german blue ram electric blue ram

gold ram

If you are a little unsure as to the suitability for your aquarium why not email us and tell us what you have and we may be able to help you broaden your collection…..remember asking is the way forward and we are always delighted to help.

Cichlids as a whole is a very under appreciated genre of fish and no they are not all inherently aggressive……but people and misinformation have a way of tarring things much to the individuals losing out, the right fish in the right tank is the more obvious answer so that is where we can help.

We are the longest in the trade and our mission is to dispel rumor and innuendo in relation to fish keeping, do not be afraid to try something new just because shops cannot get them or else it is outside their expertise remember these fish exist and once they exist they have a part to play in the hobby its up to us to make sure they are cared for.

Their are care sheets available throughout the internet but the best way of learning is to call in to our store and find out first hand.


I will be doing little intros like this as often as i can just to broaden horizons a little, hopefully you might find this helpful we may broaden the subject a little in the days to come as to care etc so be patient with us.


Thank you for reading.




Marine fish invertebrates up date at Aquatic Village.24/11/2016



Hello everyone,

Ian here, just to keep you informed as to our stocking levels and future schedules for our marine section.

I have been neglecting our marine section for quite a while there is no doubt about that, this is partly to do with the level of interest shown by the public. In recent years the decline in demand has been startling so it was not viable to keep our tanks stocked with expensive fish that may or may not sell.

But enough is enough. We do not want to be left behind after all we are 15 yrs bringing marines into the country and nurturing the hobby i would like to grow our marine base again…a little like fragging ourselves….starts with one polyp then we become two…little acorns.

We had a shipment last week, wasn’t huge but it was mainly to kick start our systems get them moving again.

Several customers eagerly cleared us out 🙂 but we still have some nice fish mega healthy…..

We have struck some new deals with suppliers.

One in particular will deliver to us next day so anything you need drop us an email we will get you a price depending of course on availability…this stock will be coming from quarantined facilities.

We have a separate shipment due in this coming week so do not worry…this shipment will be bigger than the last i will post up the stock as i learn more.

If you guy’s and girls want anything in particular having read this post feel free to message us either on our Facebook page or else the website and we will do our very best to cater for you.

If you need any help or advice please feel free to ask we are always delighted to chat and help, it’s what we are known best for.


Thank you for your4 time have a nice day.



Black Friday deals at Aquatic Village. 24/11/2016

Цихлида АКИ темно синий Ласточкакупить киев аква скарб

Hello everyone,

Just a little update as to what is happening at Aquatic Village these days. The world is going crazy for this black Friday nonsense. Truth be known that in its essence is what it really is. Corporate and commercial grab to fleece the public.

We on the other hand are genuinely giving customers the ideal chance to save money or at least to get better value for their hard earned cash….until the end of this month and not just for one day we will be giving you the chance to purchase tropical fish with a genuine saving of 33 %.

That’s right 33%… 2 get a third absolutely free.

This should be great news for people hoping to build up shoals of schooling fish. If this does not suit we will extend the offer to get a third fish of the same value free so you are not limited…….now that’s fair in my opinion.

So forget loyalty card schemes because that is just what they are, we give you the break every time you spend….and when you spend then we spend on more fish always seeking to improve our stocking levels….that is how we will work together…this is what makes the hobby……..

We are also selling half kilo and kilo slabs of frozen food…..a kilo of bloodworm for instance which is ten normal packets is €24.95 that’s less than €3.00 per pack now that is good value……we will also be doing 3 x 120 gram packs for €10  most shops are3 selling for €5.00 per pack.

Because of this stocks will be limited so make sure you get your supply before we run out at the minute the freezer is full…….

I will be posting updates and snippets as often as i can from now on people have been asking me to set the time aside to keep our subscribers up to date so no problem i would be delighted….so lot’s of topics coming your way…..


Have a wonderful day




New Arrivals 09-11-2016

some new arrivals

Buying Livestock online…

Firstly we would like to start by saying we do not agree with purchasing live fish online but its unavoidable in these times, be it fuel costs, lack of time or simply the convenience of it people seem to turn to online shopping. its a case of if you cant beat them join them.

the first thing you will notice is the shipping cost, €15.00, this is per 20kg box not per fish, a standard poly fish box can hold up to 15 fish of a 2″ size, or 50 of a 1″ tetra size fish, we would advise filling the box to use it to its full value, but we do not advise over stocking your tank so always take into consideration the limits of your aquarium.


there are over 28000 species of fish on the planet but we only have 500 tanks, so from time to time some fish will be out of stock, same can be said for plants, snails and shrimps. stock control on the vast array of species we hold (around 2500) is not an option, we would simply spend too much time counting instead or caring for them. However,as we have new deliveries arriving every week, twice a week sometimes, we can normally fulfill and ship your order within 2 days but we do ask that you allow 7-10 days. if a fish is out of stock but arriving soon we would like time to condition the fish for the journey. we will not ship new arrivals, we will not send fish out unless they are 100% healthy.


Fish are packed double bagged using oxygen, and placed in a poly box, we then tape a 20 hour heat pack to the lid and add an extra bottle of hot water. any empty space in the box will be filled with empty bags or newspaper to avoid bags rolling around during shipping. boxes are collected by the courier before 1pm and normally arrive at destination before 1pm the next day, this is at the hand of the courier, once they leave our building we have no control over the delivery, or how they hare handled.
Another reason we do not like to send our fish out.


When your new fish arrive, allow the box to settle for 10 mins on a flat surface, in front of your tank would be ideal, there are many tips and tricks to acclimating new arrivals, we find a piece of air hose to siphon water and slow drip it into the bag or bucket is the best, dim the lights too keep stress to a minimum, after 30-40 mins of dripping they fish can be added to your tank. leave the lights off until they settle in. some fish have different habits, plecs, rummy nose tetra and some others play dead, oscars and some other cichlids sit and sulk for days, but dont worry they will recover, once the other tank mates and water conditions allow it.


We put allot of time and effort into our livestock to maintain health, we have a 20 year reputation to uphold, we are not over trained salesmen, no pitch, no add ons, no scams, no impulse buying, its simple, fish keeping is our passion, we are fish keepers dealing with fish keepers.

new koi room

the latest project at aquatic village, new koi room

the entire room had to taken back to bare concrete and rebuilt as a purpose built koi holding facility.

together the ponds hold 10000L and will hold koi from japans best breeders.

first a 50 year old wooden floor had to be torn out in sections, these were removed via a hole knocked into the wall under the window to make life easy, then a deviding wall had to be removed by sledge hammer, all electrics removed, down to the bare bones, we then built the ponds frame using sleepers, fitted a floor from reclaimed 15 year old decking, and fiberglass to finish the ponds.


12122390_966620913376938_100171840918416263_n12118849_966620960043600_117898705543084346_n12106764_966621113376918_5464260540146170719_n12140717_966621040043592_832666313844008349_n12106712_966621120043584_6976392962286878459_nkoi room

website updating

well folks a lot of you have asked in the past few weeks about our website, why its not being updated on a regular basis ect ect.

the main reason is that its easier and faster to post on our facebook page, and even if you are not a facebooker, there is a scroll from our life feeds of facebook on the website homepage so you can be kept upto date by looking at that.

the second reason for it is that we are 2 staff with 500 tanks, 20000 liters of koi tanks, orders going out coming in phones ringing, water testing/ changeing, feeding fish, cleaning filters, scrubbing algae its non stop, so heres the plan, one day per week will be dedicated to the website so hopefully we can catch up in the near future.

if you have an idea or a suggestion send them in to we love to hear feedback from other fish keepers.



Looking to order fish? Czech republic list.


Are you looking to order new fish? Stuff that we may not have in stock then go to our master lists and scroll down through them. Pick what it is that you are looking for then email or Facebook us and we will give you the price. €15.00 delivered to your door.

We send a lot of stock to our customers this way and we guarantee the health of all our animals. We have 20 yrs as the best livestock provider to live up to so try us and see for your self.


27 August 2015 updated.

863 Aequidens dorsigera
864 Aequidens dorsigera
5649 Aequidens dorsigera
3236 Aequidens dorsigera Bolivia
3237 Aequidens dorsigera Bolivia
8048 Aequidens dorsigera Brazil
11 Aequidens maronii
12 Aequidens maronii
6079 Aequidens pulcher
16 Aequidens pulcher
17 Aequidens pulcher
3225 Aequidens pulcher Venezuela
19 Aequidens rivulatus
20 Aequidens rivulatus
21 Aequidens rivulatus
5065 Aequidens rivulatus
12102 American Cichlids Mix – Czech Breeding
12103 American Cichlids Mix – Czech Breeding
7107 Apistogramma agassizii
28 Apistogramma agassizii
10488 Apistogramma agassizii
29 Apistogramma agassizii
10378 Apistogramma agassizii Pairs
3138 Apistogramma agassizii Alenquer Red Tail
10489 Apistogramma agassizii Alenquer Red Tail
10379 Apistogramma agassizii Alenquer Red Tail Pairs
11056 Apistogramma agassizii Blue
2871 Apistogramma agassizii Blue
2872 Apistogramma agassizii Blue
11054 Apistogramma agassizii Bluetail
2714 Apistogramma agassizii Bluetail
34 Apistogramma agassizii Double Red
10490 Apistogramma agassizii Double Red
35 Apistogramma agassizii Double Red
10380 Apistogramma agassizii Double Red Pairs
36 Apistogramma agassizii Double Red XL
11060 Apistogramma agassizii East-Redtail
2716 Apistogramma agassizii East-Redtail
2717 Apistogramma agassizii East-Redtail
10386 Apistogramma agassizii East-Redtail Pairs
11052 Apistogramma agassizii Fire Red
11144 Apistogramma agassizii Fire Red
6154 Apistogramma agassizii Fire Red
6155 Apistogramma agassizii Fire Red
11740 Apistogramma agassizii Fire Red Pairs
10381 Apistogramma agassizii Fire Red Pairs
37 Apistogramma agassizii Hüser-Redtail
10670 Apistogramma agassizii Hüser-Redtail
38 Apistogramma agassizii Hüser-Redtail
10387 Apistogramma agassizii Hüser-Redtail Pairs
11062 Apistogramma agassizii Iquitos
2866 Apistogramma agassizii Iquitos
7108 Apistogramma agassizii Red
31 Apistogramma agassizii Red
32 Apistogramma agassizii Red
10382 Apistogramma agassizii Red Pairs
2874 Apistogramma agassizii Red Gold
10665 Apistogramma agassizii Red Tail
10666 Apistogramma agassizii Red Tail
10669 Apistogramma agassizii Red Tail Pairs
43 Apistogramma agassizii Super Red
10580 Apistogramma agassizii Super Red
44 Apistogramma agassizii Super Red
10384 Apistogramma agassizii Super Red Pairs
3902 Apistogramma algodon
4713 Apistogramma beanschi “Inca”
4714 Apistogramma beanschi “Inca”
10389 Apistogramma beanschi “Inca” Pairs
10093 Apistogramma borellii
10094 Apistogramma borellii
10391 Apistogramma borellii Blue Pairs
2912 Apistogramma borellii Opal
50 Apistogramma borellii Paraquay
10393 Apistogramma borellii Paraquay Pairs
54 Apistogramma borellii Yellow
2857 Apistogramma borellii Yellow-Head
2858 Apistogramma borellii Yellow-Head
10741 Apistogramma cacatuoides “(CS)”
10030 Apistogramma cacatuoides “(CS)”
10031 Apistogramma cacatuoides “(CS)”
10491 Apistogramma cacatuoides “(CS)”
10032 Apistogramma cacatuoides “(CS)”
11738 Apistogramma cacatuoides “(CS)” Pairs
10398 Apistogramma cacatuoides “(CS)” Pairs
10033 Apistogramma cacatuoides “(CS)” XL
7442 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Half-Orange”
7443 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Half-Orange”
10431 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Half-Orange” Pairs
10742 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Mega Red”
9366 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Mega Red”
9367 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Mega Red”
9368 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Mega Red”
9369 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Mega Red” XL
10749 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Red-Flasch”
2917 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Red-Flasch”
2918 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Red-Flasch”
11972 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Redtail”
11973 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Redtail”
10890 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Redtail-Super”
2510 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Redtail-Super”
10743 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Triple-Red”
10009 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Triple-Red”
6382 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Triple-Red”
10492 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Triple-Red”
6383 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Triple-Red”
11739 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Triple-Red” Pairs
6384 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Triple-Red” XL
6385 Apistogramma cacatuoides “Triple-Red” XXL
2923 Apistogramma cacatuoides Blue
10401 Apistogramma cacatuoides Blue Pairs
9732 Apistogramma cacatuoides Double Orange
9733 Apistogramma cacatuoides Double Orange
10402 Apistogramma cacatuoides Double Orange Pairs
10744 Apistogramma cacatuoides Double Red
10008 Apistogramma cacatuoides Double Red
83 Apistogramma cacatuoides Double Red
10493 Apistogramma cacatuoides Double Red
84 Apistogramma cacatuoides Double Red
11737 Apistogramma cacatuoides Double Red Pairs
10403 Apistogramma cacatuoides Double Red Pairs
85 Apistogramma cacatuoides Double Red XL
4054 Apistogramma cacatuoides Double Red XXL
74 Apistogramma cacatuoides Gold-Red
10798 Apistogramma cacatuoides Lemon Orange
10799 Apistogramma cacatuoides Lemon Orange
77 Apistogramma cacatuoides Orange
10408 Apistogramma cacatuoides Orange Pairs
79 Apistogramma cacatuoides Orange XL
10745 Apistogramma cacatuoides Red
3676 Apistogramma cacatuoides Red
10673 Apistogramma cacatuoides Red
80 Apistogramma cacatuoides Red
81 Apistogramma cacatuoides Red
10410 Apistogramma cacatuoides Red Pairs
86 Apistogramma caetei
2832 Apistogramma elizabethae
2826 Apistogramma elizabethae Super Red
6072 Apistogramma elizabethae Super Red
11048 Apistogramma hongsloi Form II.
10423 Apistogramma hongsloi Super Rotstrich Pairs
146 Apistogramma juriensis
155 Apistogramma macmasteri
156 Apistogramma macmasteri
10424 Apistogramma macmasteri Pairs
158 Apistogramma macmasteri Bluehead
159 Apistogramma macmasteri Bluehead
10425 Apistogramma macmasteri Bluehead Pairs
4318 Apistogramma macmasteri Double Red
4319 Apistogramma macmasteri Double Red
10426 Apistogramma macmasteri Double Red Pairs
2947 Apistogramma macmasteri Gaitan
10735 Apistogramma macmasteri Red Mask
10736 Apistogramma macmasteri Red Mask
161 Apistogramma macmasteri Red Neck
162 Apistogramma macmasteri Red Neck
10427 Apistogramma macmasteri Red Neck Pairs
163 Apistogramma macmasteri Red Neck XL
2944 Apistogramma macmasteri Redtail
2945 Apistogramma macmasteri Redtail
10429 Apistogramma macmasteri Redtail Pairs
2950 Apistogramma macmasteri Villavicencio
11110 Apistogramma nijsseni
12138 Apistogramma nijsseni
170 Apistogramma nijsseni
171 Apistogramma nijsseni
10430 Apistogramma nijsseni Pairs
3633 Apistogramma nijsseni XXL
182 Apistogramma pandurini
183 Apistogramma pandurini
10434 Apistogramma pandurini Pairs
184 Apistogramma pandurini XL
8943 Apistogramma sp.Black-chin/Schwarzkinn
10435 Apistogramma sp.Black-chin/Schwarzkinn Pairs
10089 Apistogramma sp.Opal
4207 Apistogramma sp.Opal Red Mask
10437 Apistogramma sp.Opal Red Mask Pairs
234 Apistogramma sp.Red-Point I.
10438 Apistogramma sp.Red-Point I. Pairs
2755 Apistogramma sp.Red-Point II.
10439 Apistogramma sp.Red-Point II. Pairs
243 Apistogramma sp.Rio Mamore
258 Apistogramma steindachneri
264 Apistogramma trifasciata
10440 Apistogramma trifasciata Pairs
267 Apistogramma trifasciata Maciliensis
10442 Apistogramma trifasciata Maciliensis Pairs
6083 Apistogramma tucurui
252 Apistogramma tucurui
253 Apistogramma tucurui
279 Apistogramma viejita
10494 Apistogramma viejita
280 Apistogramma viejita
10443 Apistogramma viejita Pairs
288 Apistogramma viejita Gold
10495 Apistogramma viejita Gold
289 Apistogramma viejita Gold
10446 Apistogramma viejita Gold Pairs
282 Apistogramma viejita II
283 Apistogramma viejita II
10447 Apistogramma viejita II Pairs
284 Apistogramma viejita II XL
2764 Apistogramma viejita Rio-Meta
2765 Apistogramma viejita Rio-Meta
10448 Apistogramma viejita Rio-Meta Pairs
2766 Apistogramma viejita Rio-Meta XL
10084 Apistogramma xingu
2593 Apistogramma xingu Red Lobes
311 Astronotus ocellatus
312 Astronotus ocellatus
3854 Astronotus ocellatus
3856 Astronotus ocellatus
10212 Astronotus ocellatus
7287 Astronotus ocellatus Red Tiger Oscar
10213 Astronotus ocellatus Red Tiger Oscar
10747 Astronotus ocellatus Red Tiger Oscar XXL
10017 Astronotus ocellatus Tiger Oscar
10018 Astronotus ocellatus Tiger Oscar
10583 Cichlasoma ellioti
10317 Cichlasoma ellioti
5338 Cichlasoma ellioti
5339 Cichlasoma ellioti
11670 Cichlasoma ellioti “Papaloapan”
11671 Cichlasoma ellioti “Papaloapan”
11672 Cichlasoma ellioti “Papaloapan”
7296 Cichlasoma managuense
7336 Cichlasoma meeki
417 Cichlasoma meeki
418 Cichlasoma meeki
419 Cichlasoma meeki
12199 Cichlasoma meeki “Yucatan”
8079 Cichlasoma meeki Rio-Candelaria
3281 Cichlasoma meeki Rio-Candelaria
3282 Cichlasoma meeki Rio-Candelaria
7298 Cichlasoma motaguense
424 Cichlasoma nicaraguensis
425 Cichlasoma nicaraguensis
6666 Cichlasoma nicaraguensis XL
11803 Cichlasoma nicaraguensis XXL
426 Cichlasoma nigrofasciatus
427 Cichlasoma nigrofasciatus
428 Cichlasoma nigrofasciatus
7065 Cichlasoma nigrofasciatus XL
5109 Cichlasoma nigrofasciatus XXL
12013 Cichlasoma nigrofasciatus “Honduras”
12014 Cichlasoma nigrofasciatus “Honduras”
429 Cichlasoma nigrofasciatus Albin
430 Cichlasoma nigrofasciatus Albin
431 Cichlasoma nigrofasciatus Albin
7300 Cichlasoma nigrofasciatus Albin XL
9695 Cichlasoma octofasciatus “Blue Jack Dempsey”
439 Cichlasoma sajica
440 Cichlasoma sajica
11686 Cichlasoma sajica
441 Cichlasoma sajica
447 Cichlasoma spilurus
11684 Cryptoheros Cutteri
11685 Cryptoheros Cutteri
592 Geophagus brasiliensis
593 Geophagus brasiliensis
595 Geophagus brasiliensis Red
596 Geophagus brasiliensis Red
607 Geophagus steindachneri /honda
608 Geophagus steindachneri /honda
609 Geophagus steindachneri /honda
614 Gymnogeophagus australis
615 Gymnogeophagus australis
5110 Gymnogeophagus australis
1089 Nannacara anomala
10617 Papiliochromis ramirezi
1125 Papiliochromis ramirezi
1126 Papiliochromis ramirezi
1127 Papiliochromis ramirezi
1128 Papiliochromis ramirezi L
4116 Papiliochromis ramirezi XL
11127 Papiliochromis ramirezi “Orinoco”
11128 Papiliochromis ramirezi “Orinoco”
11129 Papiliochromis ramirezi “Orinoco”
11130 Papiliochromis ramirezi “Orinoco”
10618 Papiliochromis ramirezi Asiat
1129 Papiliochromis ramirezi Asiat
1130 Papiliochromis ramirezi Asiat
1131 Papiliochromis ramirezi Asiat
10333 Papiliochromis ramirezi Brasil
10334 Papiliochromis ramirezi Brasil
10335 Papiliochromis ramirezi Brasil
10594 Papiliochromis ramirezi German Blue
10621 Papiliochromis ramirezi German Blue
5970 Papiliochromis ramirezi German Blue
5971 Papiliochromis ramirezi German Blue
5972 Papiliochromis ramirezi German Blue
1139 Papiliochromis ramirezi long fin
1140 Papiliochromis ramirezi long fin L
10622 Papiliochromis ramirezi Netherland
9066 Papiliochromis ramirezi Netherland
10965 Papiliochromis ramirezi Super Blue Pearl
317 Aulonocara baenschi
318 Aulonocara baenschi
3943 Aulonocara baenschi Chipokae
3944 Aulonocara baenschi Chipokae
7923 Aulonocara calico
7924 Aulonocara calico XL
7925 Aulonocara calico XXL
9125 Aulonocara calico Fire Red
7912 Aulonocara calico Red Neon
3965 Aulonocara cobue Thumbi West
3966 Aulonocara cobue Thumbi West
320 Aulonocara cornelia
321 Aulonocara cornelia
322 Aulonocara cornelia
323 Aulonocara eureca Red
324 Aulonocara eureca Red
6254 Aulonocara eureca Red
6255 Aulonocara eureca Red XL
7972 Aulonocara eureca Red XXL
9426 Aulonocara Fire Fish Red
7905 Aulonocara hansbaenschi
7906 Aulonocara hansbaenschi
7907 Aulonocara hansbaenschi
7908 Aulonocara hansbaenschi
4690 Aulonocara hansbaenschi Red Flasch
4691 Aulonocara hansbaenschi Red Flasch
4692 Aulonocara hansbaenschi Red Flasch
6955 Aulonocara hansbaenschi Red Flasch
6957 Aulonocara hansbaenschi Red Flasch XXL
326 Aulonocara hueseri
327 Aulonocara hueseri
3946 Aulonocara chitande Kande
3947 Aulonocara chitande Kande
329 Aulonocara jacobfreibergi
330 Aulonocara jacobfreibergi
331 Aulonocara jacobfreibergi
6923 Aulonocara jacobfreibergi XXL
5690 Aulonocara jacobfreibergi Blue Neon
5691 Aulonocara jacobfreibergi Blue Neon
5692 Aulonocara jacobfreibergi Blue Neon
5686 Aulonocara jacobfreibergi Red Flame
5687 Aulonocara jacobfreibergi Red Flame
5688 Aulonocara jacobfreibergi Red Flame
332 Aulonocara kandenssis
333 Aulonocara kandenssis
334 Aulonocara kandenssis
7982 Aulonocara kandenssis
7984 Aulonocara kandenssis XXL
11074 Aulonocara Lemon Yellow Albino
11075 Aulonocara Lemon Yellow Albino
350 Aulonocara Maleri
351 Aulonocara Maleri
7682 Aulonocara Maleri
352 Aulonocara Maleri
6173 Aulonocara Maleri XXL
5529 Aulonocara mamelela
5530 Aulonocara mamelela
5531 Aulonocara mamelela
7918 Aulonocara marmelade Yellow Blue
5533 Aulonocara maulana
5534 Aulonocara maulana
5535 Aulonocara maulana
335 Aulonocara maylandi
337 Aulonocara maylandi
7979 Aulonocara maylandi
7980 Aulonocara maylandi XL
6162 Aulonocara Mix
6163 Aulonocara Mix
6164 Aulonocara Mix
7776 Aulonocara Mix
5662 Aulonocara Mix XL
7964 Aulonocara Mix XXL
338 Aulonocara New Blue Orchid
339 Aulonocara New Blue Orchid
340 Aulonocara New Blue Orchid
3486 Aulonocara New Blue Orchid
7028 Aulonocara New Blue Orchid XXL
353 Aulonocara Nyassae
354 Aulonocara Nyassae
355 Aulonocara Nyassae
5326 Aulonocara Nyassae
3833 Aulonocara Orange Blanche
3834 Aulonocara Orange Blanche
6967 Aulonocara Orange Blanche
10098 Aulonocara Orange Peacock
10099 Aulonocara Orange Peacock
10100 Aulonocara Orange Peacock
10101 Aulonocara Orange Peacock
10104 Aulonocara Peacock
10105 Aulonocara Peacock
10106 Aulonocara Peacock
10108 Aulonocara Peacock XL
6961 Aulonocara Red Dragoon
6962 Aulonocara Red Dragoon
6963 Aulonocara Red Dragoon
362 Aulonocara Rubin Red
363 Aulonocara Rubin Red
364 Aulonocara Rubin Red
6167 Aulonocara Rubin Red
5694 Aulonocara sp.Lupingu Blue Face
5695 Aulonocara sp.Lupingu Blue Face
5696 Aulonocara sp.Lupingu Blue Face
359 Aulonocara sp.Red
360 Aulonocara sp.Red
361 Aulonocara sp.Red
8016 Aulonocara sp.Red
2652 Aulonocara sp.Red Albin
2653 Aulonocara sp.Red Albin
365 Aulonocara steveni
366 Aulonocara steveni
8058 Aulonocara steveni XXL
371 Aulonocara stuartgranti
372 Aulonocara stuartgranti
373 Aulonocara stuartgranti
3515 Aulonocara stuartgranti Gold
3516 Aulonocara stuartgranti Gold
3517 Aulonocara stuartgranti Gold
5323 Aulonocara stuartgranti Gold
5318 Aulonocara stuartgranti Chilumba
5319 Aulonocara stuartgranti Chilumba
5320 Aulonocara stuartgranti Chilumba
5321 Aulonocara stuartgranti Chilumba
5243 Aulonocara stuartgranti Maleri
5244 Aulonocara stuartgranti Maleri
5245 Aulonocara stuartgranti Maleri
5246 Aulonocara stuartgranti Maleri
4444 Aulonocara stuartgranti Ngara
4445 Aulonocara stuartgranti Ngara
4446 Aulonocara stuartgranti Ngara
377 Aulonocara stuartgranti Usisya
11775 Aulonocara vicapi
455 Copadichromis azureus
456 Copadichromis azureus
457 Copadichromis azureus
11845 Copadichromis mloto “Ivory”
11846 Copadichromis mloto “Ivory”
5067 Copadichromis sp.Blue Neon
5068 Copadichromis sp.Blue Neon
5069 Copadichromis sp.Blue Neon
5070 Copadichromis sp.Blue Neon
5563 Copadichromis sp.Ivory Lupingu
5564 Copadichromis sp.Ivory Lupingu
5565 Copadichromis sp.Ivory Lupingu
5566 Copadichromis sp.Ivory Lupingu
458 Copadichromis sp.Mloto Likoma
459 Copadichromis sp.Mloto Likoma
460 Copadichromis sp.Mloto Likoma
3810 Copadichromis sp.Tanzania Yellow Fin
3811 Copadichromis sp.Tanzania Yellow Fin
3812 Copadichromis sp.Tanzania Yellow Fin
4763 Copadichromis sp.Tanzania Yellow Fin
8417 Copadichromis sp.Tanzania Yellow Fin XL
8418 Copadichromis sp.Tanzania Yellow Fin XXL
6565 Cynotilapia afra
495 Cynotilapia afra
496 Cynotilapia afra
499 Cynotilapia afra Cobue
5583 Cynotilapia afra Jalo
5584 Cynotilapia afra Jalo
3971 Cynotilapia afra Red Dorsal
3972 Cynotilapia afra Red Dorsal
503 Cynotilapia afra Red Top
8209 Cynotilapia afra Red Top XL
4297 Cynotilapia afra White Top
4298 Cynotilapia afra White Top
3871 Cynotilapia afra Yellow
3872 Cynotilapia afra Yellow
3873 Cynotilapia afra Yellow
507 Cynotilapia fletti – Red Top
508 Cynotilapia fletti – Red Top
535 Cyrtocara boadzulu
536 Cyrtocara boadzulu
537 Cyrtocara boadzulu
6174 Cyrtocara boadzulu
6175 Cyrtocara boadzulu XL
6004 Cyrtocara boadzulu XXL
538 Cyrtocara elektra
539 Cyrtocara elektra
540 Cyrtocara elektra
4838 Cyrtocara elektra
7406 Cyrtocara elektra XL
7407 Cyrtocara elektra XXL
622 Haplochromis borleyi Red Fin
623 Haplochromis borleyi Red Fin
626 Haplochromis borleyi Yellow Fin
637 Haplochromis compressiceps
638 Haplochromis compressiceps
646 Haplochromis fenestratus eastern
647 Haplochromis fenestratus eastern
3981 Haplochromis fryeri
3982 Haplochromis fryeri
3983 Haplochromis fryeri
658 Haplochromis jacksoni /ahli/
659 Haplochromis jacksoni /ahli/
660 Haplochromis jacksoni /ahli/
6980 Haplochromis jacksoni /ahli/
6042 Haplochromis jacksoni /ahli/ XXL
670 Haplochromis livingstonii
671 Haplochromis livingstonii
5978 Haplochromis livingstonii XXL
682 Haplochromis moorii
683 Haplochromis moorii
684 Haplochromis moorii
5247 Haplochromis moorii
6101 Haplochromis moorii XL
6849 Haplochromis moorii XXL
685 Haplochromis nyererei “Ruti Island”
686 Haplochromis nyererei “Ruti Island”
687 Haplochromis nyererei “Ruti Island”
691 Haplochromis obliquidens Zebra
692 Haplochromis obliquidens Zebra
6102 Haplochromis obliquidens Zebra XL
4658 Haplochromis sp.”Crimson Tide”
4659 Haplochromis sp.”Crimson Tide”
11085 Haplochromis sp.”CH 44″
6567 Haplochromis sp.”CH 44″
706 Haplochromis sp.”CH 44″
707 Haplochromis sp.”CH 44″
708 Haplochromis sp.”CH 44″
4843 Haplochromis sp.”CH 44″ XL
5996 Haplochromis sp.”CH 44″ XXL
4707 Haplochromis sp.”Yellow Belly”
6143 Haplochromis sp.”Yellow Belly” XL
715 Haplochromis venustus
716 Haplochromis venustus
717 Haplochromis venustus
4485 Haplochromis venustus
7418 Haplochromis venustus XXL
742 Iodotropheus sprengeri
743 Iodotropheus sprengeri
744 Iodotropheus sprengeri
808 Labeotropheus fuelleborni-Marmel.
814 Labeotropheus trewavasae
815 Labeotropheus trewavasae
816 Labeotropheus trewavasae
6568 Labeotropheus trewavasae Red Top
2642 Labeotropheus trewavasae Red Top
2643 Labeotropheus trewavasae Red Top
2644 Labeotropheus trewavasae Red Top
4688 Labeotropheus trewavasae Red Top XL
6569 Labidochromis hongi Kimpuma Red Top
845 Labidochromis hongi Kimpuma Red Top
846 Labidochromis hongi Kimpuma Red Top
8843 Labidochromis hongi Lipingo Red Top XL
6570 Labidochromis hongi Red Top
829 Labidochromis hongi Red Top
830 Labidochromis hongi Red Top
831 Labidochromis hongi Red Top
842 Labidochromis sp.Perlmutt
843 Labidochromis sp.Perlmutt
844 Labidochromis sp.Perlmutt
4687 Labidochromis sp.Perlmutt XL
10373 Labidochromis sp.Yellow Red Eye
10374 Labidochromis sp.Yellow Red Eye
11086 Labidochromis sp.Yellow/Gold
6571 Labidochromis sp.Yellow/Gold
832 Labidochromis sp.Yellow/Gold
833 Labidochromis sp.Yellow/Gold
834 Labidochromis sp.Yellow/Gold
835 Labidochromis sp.Yellow/Gold
859 Labidochromis zebroides
8851 Labidochromis zebroides XL
8852 Labidochromis zebroides XXL
10587 Malawi Cichlids Mix – Czech Breeding
10007 Malawi Cichlids Mix – Czech Breeding
4600 Malawi Cichlids Mix – Czech Breeding
4601 Malawi Cichlids Mix – Czech Breeding
11714 Malawi Cichlids Mix – Czech Breeding
4482 Malawi Cichlids Mix – Czech Breeding
6166 Malawi Cichlids Mix – Czech Breeding
5702 Malawi Cichlids Mix – Czech Breeding XL
6022 Malawi Cichlids Mix – Czech Breeding XXL
9744 Malawi Cichlids Mix – Czech Breeding from 100 pcs
9746 Malawi Cichlids Mix – Czech Breeding from 100 pcs
11083 Melanochromis auratus
6573 Melanochromis auratus
1040 Melanochromis auratus
1041 Melanochromis auratus
1042 Melanochromis auratus
5199 Melanochromis auratus
6147 Melanochromis auratus XL
5248 Melanochromis auratus XXL
3015 Melanochromis auratus Elongate
3016 Melanochromis auratus Elongate
6572 Melanochromis brevis
1043 Melanochromis brevis
1044 Melanochromis brevis
1045 Melanochromis brevis
5668 Melanochromis brevis
5669 Melanochromis brevis XL
9012 Melanochromis brevis Red
9013 Melanochromis brevis Red
9014 Melanochromis brevis Red
9015 Melanochromis brevis Red
9016 Melanochromis brevis Red
1049 Melanochromis chipokae
1050 Melanochromis chipokae
1051 Melanochromis chipokae
3478 Melanochromis chipokae
6023 Melanochromis chipokae XXL
1061 Melanochromis johanni
1062 Melanochromis johanni
1063 Melanochromis johanni
7001 Melanochromis johanni
7929 Melanochromis johanni Red
7930 Melanochromis johanni Red
7931 Melanochromis johanni Red
7932 Melanochromis johanni Red
5932 Melanochromis maingano
1079 Melanochromis maingano
1080 Melanochromis maingano
1081 Melanochromis maingano
5074 Melanochromis maingano
3793 Microchromis zebroides
3794 Microchromis zebroides
1116 Otopharynx lithobates
1117 Otopharynx lithobates
1118 Otopharynx lithobates
1119 Otopharynx lithobates Zimbawe Rock
1120 Otopharynx lithobates Zimbawe Rock
1121 Otopharynx lithobates Zimbawe Rock
5960 Protomelas fenestratus Taiwan Reff
5961 Protomelas fenestratus Taiwan Reff
5962 Protomelas fenestratus Taiwan Reff
5963 Protomelas fenestratus Taiwan Reff
5964 Protomelas fenestratus Taiwan Reff XL
2581 Protomelas taeniolatus
2582 Protomelas taeniolatus
2583 Protomelas taeniolatus
6574 Pseudotropheus acei
1243 Pseudotropheus acei
1244 Pseudotropheus acei
1245 Pseudotropheus acei
5202 Pseudotropheus acei
6182 Pseudotropheus acei
5635 Pseudotropheus acei Ngara
5637 Pseudotropheus acei Ngara
6057 Pseudotropheus acei Ngara XL
1246 Pseudotropheus aurora
6048 Pseudotropheus aurora XL
1321 Pseudotropheus crabro
6049 Pseudotropheus crabro XL
6091 Pseudotropheus crabro XXL
5521 Pseudotropheus crabro Nakatenga Gold
5522 Pseudotropheus crabro Nakatenga Gold
5523 Pseudotropheus crabro Nakatenga Gold
1250 Pseudotropheus daktari
9834 Pseudotropheus demasoni
8629 Pseudotropheus demasoni
1255 Pseudotropheus demasoni
1256 Pseudotropheus demasoni
1257 Pseudotropheus demasoni
4454 Pseudotropheus demasoni XL
6107 Pseudotropheus demasoni XXL
1258 Pseudotropheus elongatus
1259 Pseudotropheus elongatus
1260 Pseudotropheus elongatus
1273 Pseudotropheus elongatus Mpanga
1274 Pseudotropheus elongatus Mpanga
1275 Pseudotropheus elongatus Mpanga
5077 Pseudotropheus elongatus Mpanga
8361 Pseudotropheus elongatus Mpanga XL
8362 Pseudotropheus elongatus Mpanga XXL
1327 Pseudotropheus elongatus Neon Spot
1328 Pseudotropheus elongatus Neon Spot
1329 Pseudotropheus elongatus Neon Spot
3135 Pseudotropheus elongatus Yellow Tail
3136 Pseudotropheus elongatus Yellow Tail
3137 Pseudotropheus elongatus Yellow Tail
6947 Pseudotropheus elongatus Yellow Tail
4881 Pseudotropheus flavus
4882 Pseudotropheus flavus
1289 Pseudotropheus greshakei
1360 Pseudotropheus Kingsizei Blue Gold
1361 Pseudotropheus Kingsizei Blue Gold
1362 Pseudotropheus Kingsizei Blue Gold
4878 Pseudotropheus Kingsizei Blue Gold
6234 Pseudotropheus Kingsizei Lumbaulo
6235 Pseudotropheus Kingsizei Lumbaulo
6236 Pseudotropheus Kingsizei Lumbaulo
6237 Pseudotropheus Kingsizei Lumbaulo
6094 Pseudotropheus Kingsizei Lumbaulo XXL
1297 Pseudotropheus lombardoi
1298 Pseudotropheus lombardoi
1299 Pseudotropheus lombardoi
4350 Pseudotropheus lombardoi
6052 Pseudotropheus lombardoi XL
6481 Pseudotropheus lombardoi XXL
9454 Pseudotropheus saulosi
1307 Pseudotropheus saulosi
1308 Pseudotropheus saulosi
4844 Pseudotropheus saulosi
6000 Pseudotropheus saulosi XL
6580 Pseudotropheus saulosi Red Coral
3018 Pseudotropheus saulosi Red Coral
8398 Pseudotropheus saulosi Red Coral XXL
1309 Pseudotropheus socolofi
1310 Pseudotropheus socolofi
1311 Pseudotropheus socolofi
4058 Pseudotropheus socolofi White
1333 Pseudotropheus sp.zebra
1334 Pseudotropheus sp.zebra
1335 Pseudotropheus sp.zebra
8503 Pseudotropheus sp.zebra
3509 Pseudotropheus sp.zebra Blue
6733 Pseudotropheus tropheops Albin XL
1339 Pseudotropheus tropheops Cobalt
1340 Pseudotropheus tropheops Cobalt
8516 Pseudotropheus tropheops Cobalt
3499 Pseudotropheus tropheops Chilumba
6842 Pseudotropheus tropheops Chilumba Orange
6844 Pseudotropheus tropheops Chilumba Orange
4879 Pseudotropheus tropheops Orange
1336 Pseudotropheus zebra Albin
1337 Pseudotropheus zebra Albin
7334 Pseudotropheus zebra Albin
1338 Pseudotropheus zebra Albin
7775 Pseudotropheus zebra Albin XL
8506 Pseudotropheus zebra Albin XXL
1352 Pseudotropheus zebra Blue+Blue
6183 Pseudotropheus zebra Blue+Blue XL
6184 Pseudotropheus zebra Blue+Blue XXL
6940 Pseudotropheus zebra O.B./Straka
6096 Pseudotropheus zebra O.B./Straka XXL
6576 Pseudotropheus zebra Red+Blue
1354 Pseudotropheus zebra Red+Blue
1355 Pseudotropheus zebra Red+Blue
1356 Pseudotropheus zebra Red+Blue
4689 Pseudotropheus zebra Red+Blue
6577 Pseudotropheus zebra Red+Red
1357 Pseudotropheus zebra Red+Red
1358 Pseudotropheus zebra Red+Red
1359 Pseudotropheus zebra Red+Red
4250 Pseudotropheus zebra Red+Red
C.Afr. Vic.Cich.
8865 Astatotilapia aeneocolor “Yellow Belly”
298 Astatotilapia burtoni
303 Astatotilapia nubila
304 Astatotilapia nubila
7388 Astatotilapia nubila XL
718 Hemichromis bimaculatus
719 Hemichromis bimaculatus
9868 Hemichromis elongatus
9869 Hemichromis elongatus
8135 Hemichromis guttatus
8136 Hemichromis guttatus
721 Hemichromis lifalili
722 Hemichromis lifalili
723 Hemichromis lifalili
5102 Hemichromis lifalili
5103 Hemichromis lifalili XL
9160 Hemichromis lifalili XXL
11789 Hemichromis stellifer
11790 Hemichromis stellifer
11791 Hemichromis stellifer
11795 Hemichromis stellifer Malebo
11796 Hemichromis stellifer Malebo
4362 Nanochromis nudiceps
1100 Nanochromis transvestitus
1101 Nanochromis transvestitus
1153 Pelmatochromis thomasi
11854 Pelvicachromis pulcher
9450 Pelvicachromis pulcher
1156 Pelvicachromis pulcher
1158 Pelvicachromis pulcher XL
1162 Pelvicachromis pulcher Super Red
1163 Pelvicachromis pulcher Super Red
1186 Pelvicachromis taeniatus Lobe
1195 Pelvicachromis taeniatus Moliwe
1204 Pelvicachromis taeniatus Nigerian Red
1205 Pelvicachromis taeniatus Nigerian Red
1237 Pseudocrenilabrus nicholsi
1238 Pseudocrenilabrus nicholsi
1487 Steatocranus casuarius
10854 Tilapia buttikoferi XL
10855 Tilapia buttikoferi XXL
C. Tanganjika
9305 Cyathopharynx foai
489 Cyathopharynx furcifer
490 Cyathopharynx furcifer
5354 Cyathopharynx furcifer Kigoma
10635 Cyathopharynx furcifer Resha
510 Cyphotilapia frontosa
511 Cyphotilapia frontosa
512 Cyphotilapia frontosa
513 Cyphotilapia frontosa
4767 Cyphotilapia frontosa
514 Cyphotilapia frontosa Blue Mpimbwe
515 Cyphotilapia frontosa Blue Mpimbwe
516 Cyphotilapia frontosa Blue Mpimbwe
522 Cyphotilapia frontosa Blue Zaire
523 Cyphotilapia frontosa Blue Zaire
4332 Cyphotilapia frontosa Burundi
4333 Cyphotilapia frontosa Burundi
3337 Cyphotilapia frontosa Kapampa
3338 Cyphotilapia frontosa Kapampa
3339 Cyphotilapia frontosa Kapampa
3340 Cyphotilapia frontosa Kapampa
11813 Cyphotilapia frontosa Widow
518 Cyphotilapia frontosa Zambia Blue
519 Cyphotilapia frontosa Zambia Blue
4093 Cyprichromis leptosoma Blue Flash
4094 Cyprichromis leptosoma Blue Flash
4095 Cyprichromis leptosoma Blue Flash
7655 Cyprichromis leptosoma Blue Flash-Isanga
7656 Cyprichromis leptosoma Blue Flash-Isanga
7657 Cyprichromis leptosoma Blue Flash-Isanga
5991 Cyprichromis leptosoma Blue Flash-Isanga XL
2648 Cyprichromis leptosoma Bulu Point
2649 Cyprichromis leptosoma Bulu Point
2650 Cyprichromis leptosoma Bulu Point
12282 Cyprichromis leptosoma Green XL
12283 Cyprichromis leptosoma Green XXL
5571 Cyprichromis leptosoma Jumbo Chipimbi
5572 Cyprichromis leptosoma Jumbo Chipimbi
5573 Cyprichromis leptosoma Jumbo Chipimbi
3319 Cyprichromis leptosoma Jumbo Kitumba
3320 Cyprichromis leptosoma Jumbo Kitumba
3321 Cyprichromis leptosoma Jumbo Kitumba
7651 Cyprichromis leptosoma Jumbo Yellow Head
7652 Cyprichromis leptosoma Jumbo Yellow Head
7653 Cyprichromis leptosoma Jumbo Yellow Head
6717 Cyprichromis leptosoma Kekese
6718 Cyprichromis leptosoma Kekese
6719 Cyprichromis leptosoma Kekese
10660 Cyprichromis leptosoma Kigoma
10661 Cyprichromis leptosoma Kigoma
10662 Cyprichromis leptosoma Kigoma
10663 Cyprichromis leptosoma Kigoma XL
529 Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu
530 Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu
531 Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu
4368 Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu
4168 Cyprichromis leptosoma Orange Tail
4169 Cyprichromis leptosoma Orange Tail
4170 Cyprichromis leptosoma Orange Tail
10640 Cyprichromis leptosoma Turquise Flame
10641 Cyprichromis leptosoma Turquise Flame
10642 Cyprichromis leptosoma Turquise Flame
3454 Cyprichromis leptosoma Utinta Fluorescent
3455 Cyprichromis leptosoma Utinta Fluorescent
3456 Cyprichromis leptosoma Utinta Fluorescent
10960 Cyprichromis leptosoma Utinta Fluorescent XXL
10645 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Bulu Point
10646 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Bulu Point
10647 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Bulu Point
8603 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Karilani
8604 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Karilani
8605 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Karilani
8606 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Karilani XL
5579 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kasai
5580 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kasai
5581 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kasai
8165 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kigoma
8166 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kigoma
8167 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kigoma
10650 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kiriza Black
10651 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kiriza Black
10652 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kiriza Black
10655 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Mabilibili
10656 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Mabilibili
4460 Enantiopus melanogenys Kilesa
556 Chalinochromis bifrenatus
557 Chalinochromis bifrenatus
559 Chalinochromis brichardi
746 Julidochromis dickfeldi
747 Julidochromis dickfeldi
751 Julidochromis marlieri
752 Julidochromis marlieri
3991 Julidochromis marlieri XL
763 Julidochromis ornatus
764 Julidochromis ornatus
765 Julidochromis ornatus
769 Julidochromis ornatus Kapampa
770 Julidochromis ornatus Kapampa
3888 Julidochromis ornatus Yellow
9376 Julidochromis regani
778 Julidochromis regani
779 Julidochromis regani
9377 Julidochromis regani Kachese
3978 Julidochromis regani Kachese
6086 Julidochromis regani Kipili
782 Julidochromis regani Kipili
787 Julidochromis transcriptus
788 Julidochromis transcriptus
790 Julidochromis transcriptus Gombi
791 Julidochromis transcriptus Gombi
792 Julidochromis transcriptus Gombi
799 Julidochromis transcriptus Kissi
800 Julidochromis transcriptus Kissi
912 Lamprologus boulengeri
8248 Lamprologus boulengeri XL
869 Lamprologus brevis
870 Lamprologus brevis
871 Lamprologus brevis
6893 Lamprologus brevis XL
875 Lamprologus brevis Zaire
876 Lamprologus brevis Zaire
878 Lamprologus brichardi
879 Lamprologus brichardi
880 Lamprologus brichardi
893 Lamprologus calvus
7589 Lamprologus calvus
894 Lamprologus calvus
3538 Lamprologus calvus Black Pearl
3539 Lamprologus calvus Black Pearl
4820 Lamprologus calvus Black Pectoral
4821 Lamprologus calvus Black Pectoral
4822 Lamprologus calvus Black Pectoral
3065 Lamprologus calvus Cameron Bay
3066 Lamprologus calvus Cameron Bay
3067 Lamprologus calvus Cameron Bay
7593 Lamprologus calvus Cameron Bay
895 Lamprologus calvus Cape Chaitika
896 Lamprologus calvus Cape Chaitika
5546 Lamprologus calvus Zambia Pectorale
5547 Lamprologus calvus Zambia Pectorale
904 Lamprologus caudopunctatus
905 Lamprologus caudopunctatus
906 Lamprologus caudopunctatus
3053 Lamprologus caudopunctatus Kapampa
3054 Lamprologus caudopunctatus Kapampa
3055 Lamprologus caudopunctatus Kapampa
8554 Lamprologus caudopunctatus Kapampa
907 Lamprologus caudopunctatus Red Fin
908 Lamprologus caudopunctatus Red Fin
909 Lamprologus caudopunctatus Red Fin
913 Lamprologus compressiceps
914 Lamprologus compressiceps
915 Lamprologus compressiceps
6259 Lamprologus compressiceps Congo
6260 Lamprologus compressiceps Congo
6261 Lamprologus compressiceps Congo
919 Lamprologus compressiceps Gold
920 Lamprologus compressiceps Gold
916 Lamprologus compressiceps Gold Head
5990 Lamprologus compressiceps Gold Head
2609 Lamprologus compressiceps Kasanga
2610 Lamprologus compressiceps Kasanga
922 Lamprologus compressiceps Mutondwe
923 Lamprologus compressiceps Mutondwe
925 Lamprologus compressiceps Red fin
926 Lamprologus compressiceps Red fin
928 Lamprologus compressiceps Sumbu
929 Lamprologus compressiceps Sumbu
3838 Lamprologus compressiceps Tanzania
3839 Lamprologus compressiceps Tanzania
4162 Lamprologus compressiceps Tanzania Red fin
4163 Lamprologus compressiceps Tanzania Red fin
931 Lamprologus compressiceps Zaire Orange
932 Lamprologus compressiceps Zaire Orange
935 Lamprologus cylindricus
2630 Lamprologus cylindricus Goldhead
9386 Lamprologus leleupi Bulu Point-Tanz.
2568 Lamprologus leleupi Bulu Point-Tanz.
5373 Lamprologus leleupi leleupi Orange
949 Lamprologus leleupi leleupi Orange
950 Lamprologus leleupi leleupi Orange
951 Lamprologus leleupi leleupi Orange
4136 Lamprologus leleupi leleupi Orange
5315 Lamprologus Mix
5316 Lamprologus Mix
10639 Lamprologus multifasciatus
967 Lamprologus multifasciatus
968 Lamprologus multifasciatus
969 Lamprologus multifasciatus XL
982 Lamprologus ocellatus
983 Lamprologus ocellatus
984 Lamprologus ocellatus
985 Lamprologus ocellatus Gold
986 Lamprologus ocellatus Gold
997 Lamprologus pulcher
998 Lamprologus pulcher
1004 Lamprologus signatus
1009 Lamprologus sp.Daffodil
1010 Lamprologus sp.Daffodil
1011 Lamprologus sp.Daffodil
5931 Lamprologus tretocephalus
1025 Lamprologus tretocephalus
1026 Lamprologus tretocephalus
1145 Paracyprichromis nigripinnis Blue Neon
1146 Paracyprichromis nigripinnis Blue Neon
3814 Paracyprichromis nigripinnis Blue Neon Albin
1623 Tropheus duboisi
1624 Tropheus duboisi
1625 Tropheus duboisi
1627 Tropheus duboisi Bemba
1628 Tropheus duboisi Kigoma
1633 Tropheus duboisi Maswa
1634 Tropheus duboisi Maswa
1638 Tropheus moorii Bemba
4000 Tropheus moorii Bemba
4001 Tropheus moorii Bemba
2539 Tropheus moorii Ikola
1652 Tropheus moorii Kiriza
2701 Tropheus moorii Kiriza
11782 Variabilichromis moori
11080 Xenotilapia sima
Angel fish
4631 Pterophyllum scalare Amazon
8325 Pterophyllum scalare Amazon
5101 Pterophyllum scalare Amazon
5157 Pterophyllum scalare Amazon
10190 Pterophyllum scalare Assorted/Mix
1448 Pterophyllum scalare Assorted/Mix
5154 Pterophyllum scalare Assorted/Mix
1443 Pterophyllum scalare Assorted/Mix
2516 Pterophyllum scalare Assorted/Mix
8674 Pterophyllum scalare Assorted/Mix
1449 Pterophyllum scalare Assorted/Mix
8470 Pterophyllum scalare Assorted/Mix XXL
12266 Pterophyllum scalare Barrett Gold Head
12267 Pterophyllum scalare Barrett Gold Head
1389 Pterophyllum scalare Black
1390 Pterophyllum scalare Black
1435 Pterophyllum scalare Bleed Heard
1445 Pterophyllum scalare California
8327 Pterophyllum scalare California
3732 Pterophyllum scalare Dalmatin
3733 Pterophyllum scalare Dalmatin
3734 Pterophyllum scalare Dalmatin
3436 Pterophyllum scalare Delta Koi
3437 Pterophyllum scalare Delta Koi
1400 Pterophyllum scalare Gold
8330 Pterophyllum scalare Gold
1439 Pterophyllum scalare Gold Cop
1440 Pterophyllum scalare Gold Cop
8331 Pterophyllum scalare Gold Cop
4886 Pterophyllum scalare Gold Diamond
9954 Pterophyllum scalare Gold Diamond
1430 Pterophyllum scalare Koi
1431 Pterophyllum scalare Koi
8328 Pterophyllum scalare Koi
5111 Pterophyllum scalare Koi
3075 Pterophyllum scalare Koi Diamond
5923 Pterophyllum scalare Koi Diamond
1432 Pterophyllum scalare Koi long fin
1465 Pterophyllum scalare Leopard
8332 Pterophyllum scalare Leopard
8242 Pterophyllum scalare Manacapuru Red Back
8245 Pterophyllum scalare Manacapuru Red Back
1411 Pterophyllum scalare Marble
1412 Pterophyllum scalare Marble
8329 Pterophyllum scalare Marble
8021 Pterophyllum scalare Marble Diamond
8022 Pterophyllum scalare Marble Diamond
1413 Pterophyllum scalare Marble long fin
8074 Pterophyllum scalare Red Devil
1416 Pterophyllum scalare Zebra
1417 Pterophyllum scalare Zebra
8333 Pterophyllum scalare Zebra
1422 Pterophyllum scalare Zebra Smoke
1423 Pterophyllum scalare Zebra Smoke
1493 Symphysodon Alenquer Red
1494 Symphysodon Alenquer Red
1495 Symphysodon Alenquer Red
1496 Symphysodon Alenquer Red
1575 Symphysodon axelrodi Brown
1576 Symphysodon axelrodi Brown
1577 Symphysodon axelrodi Brown
1500 Symphysodon Blue Diamond
1501 Symphysodon Blue Diamond
3170 Symphysodon Blue Diamond
3171 Symphysodon Blue Diamond
5512 Symphysodon Blue Turquoise
5513 Symphysodon Blue Turquoise
5514 Symphysodon Blue Turquoise
1508 Symphysodon Blue-Neon
1509 Symphysodon Blue-Neon
1510 Symphysodon Blue-Neon
1511 Symphysodon Blue-Neon
1514 Symphysodon Brilliant Turquoise
1515 Symphysodon Brilliant Turquoise
1516 Symphysodon Brilliant Turquoise
1517 Symphysodon Brilliant Turquoise
1520 Symphysodon Cobalt
1521 Symphysodon Cobalt
1522 Symphysodon Cobalt
1523 Symphysodon Cobalt
10306 Symphysodon discus Mix
1527 Symphysodon Marlboro-Red
1528 Symphysodon Marlboro-Red
1529 Symphysodon Marlboro-Red
1530 Symphysodon Marlboro-Red
1583 Symphysodon Pidgeon Blood
1584 Symphysodon Pidgeon Blood
1585 Symphysodon Pidgeon Blood
1586 Symphysodon Pidgeon Blood
8975 Symphysodon Pidgeon Yellow
8270 Symphysodon Red Melon
8271 Symphysodon Red Melon
8273 Symphysodon Red Melon
1541 Symphysodon Red Turquoise
1542 Symphysodon Red Turquoise
1543 Symphysodon Red Turquoise
1544 Symphysodon Red Turquoise
1557 Symphysodon Turquoise
1558 Symphysodon Turquoise
1559 Symphysodon Turquoise
1560 Symphysodon Turquoise
1568 Symphysodon Wattley
1569 Symphysodon Wattley
1570 Symphysodon Wattley
1571 Symphysodon Wattley
1681 Aphyocharax anisitsi/rubripinnis
1682 Aphyocharax anisitsi/rubripinnis XL
11101 Astyanax jordani
11102 Astyanax jordani
1700 Gymnocorymbus ternetzi
4441 Gymnocorymbus ternetzi
10487 Gymnocorymbus ternetzi XL
1701 Gymnocorymbus ternetzi Gold
1702 Hasemania nana
10590 Hasemania nana
1703 Hasemania nana XL
11168 Hasemania nana Red
11169 Hasemania nana Red XL
1705 Hemigrammus caudovittatus
11971 Hemigrammus caudovittatus
3271 Hemigrammus caudovittatus XL
3272 Hemigrammus caudovittatus Gold XL
1707 Hemigrammus erythrozonus
3751 Hemigrammus erythrozonus
1709 Hemigrammus ocellifer
5133 Hemigrammus rhodostomus – Czech Breeding
9147 Hemigrammus rhodostomus – Czech Breeding
1711 Hemigrammus rhodostomus – Czech Breeding
1712 Hemigrammus rhodostomus – Czech Breeding
7096 Hyphessobrycon amandae
7097 Hyphessobrycon amandae
4218 Hyphessobrycon bentosi White-Fin
11767 Hyphessobrycon bentosi White-Fin
7790 Hyphessobrycon bentosi White-Fin XL
1713 Hyphessobrycon bentosi/ornatus
1714 Hyphessobrycon bentosi/ornatus
11157 Hyphessobrycon bentosi/ornatus XL
1716 Hyphessobrycon callistus callistus
12020 Hyphessobrycon callistus callistus
1717 Hyphessobrycon callistus callistus
1726 Hyphessobrycon callistus serpae
12021 Hyphessobrycon callistus serpae
4443 Hyphessobrycon callistus serpae
10596 Hyphessobrycon flammeus
1718 Hyphessobrycon flammeus
4369 Hyphessobrycon flammeus
4668 Hyphessobrycon flammeus Orange
9435 Hyphessobrycon heliacus
1722 Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi
4252 Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi
10746 Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi XL
12204 Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi “Paraguay”
12205 Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi “Paraguay”
1724 Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis
3603 Cheirodon axelrodi – Czech Breeding
1690 Cheirodon axelrodi – Czech Breeding
1691 Cheirodon axelrodi – Czech Breeding
3719 Cheirodon axelrodi – Czech Breeding
4846 Cheirodon axelrodi – Czech Breeding
5933 Cheirodon axelrodi – Czech Breeding XL
7457 Cheirodon axelrodi – Czech Breeding from 200 pcs
9348 Inpaichthys kerri
1729 Inpaichthys kerri
9346 Inpaichthys kerri Superblue
8320 Inpaichthys kerri Superblue
8321 Inpaichthys kerri Superblue
1734 Megalamphodus megalopterus
3752 Megalamphodus megalopterus
8764 Megalamphodus megalopterus XL
1735 Megalamphodus roseus
1736 Megalamphodus sweglesi
3753 Megalamphodus sweglesi
12008 Megalamphodus sweglesi Gold
11170 Moenkhausia columbiana Gold
11171 Moenkhausia columbiana Gold
1738 Moenkhausia columbiana Red Blue
1739 Moenkhausia columbiana Red Blue
1742 Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae
1743 Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae
1748 Nannostomus beckfordi
4236 Nannostomus beckfordi
1745 Nannostomus eques
1749 Nannostomus marginatus
4118 Nannostomus marginatus
7099 Nannostomus mortenthaleri
12001 Nematobrycon palmeri
1752 Nematobrycon palmeri
1753 Nematobrycon palmeri
6431 Nematobrycon palmeri
7341 Nematobrycon palmeri XL
1761 Paracheirodon innesi – Czech Breeding
6592 Paracheirodon innesi – Czech Breeding
1762 Paracheirodon innesi – Czech Breeding
4366 Paracheirodon innesi – Czech Breeding
1757 Paracheirodon innesi Diamond
1758 Paracheirodon innesi Diamond
1760 Paracheirodon innesi Gold
8927 Paracheirodon innesi Yellow/Orange
8928 Paracheirodon innesi Yellow/Orange
1764 Phenacogrammus interruptus
1765 Phenacogrammus interruptus
6393 Phenacogrammus interruptus
1766 Phenacogrammus interruptus XL
1767 Prionobrama filigera
4251 Prionobrama filigera
11123 Pristella maxillaris /riddlei
1768 Pristella maxillaris /riddlei
4437 Pristella maxillaris /riddlei
12193 Pristella maxillaris /riddlei “Orinoco”
12195 Pristella maxillaris /riddlei “Orinoco”
12194 Pristella maxillaris /riddlei “Orinoco”
3630 Serrasalmus nattereri / Piranha
1769 Serrasalmus nattereri / Piranha
11585 Serrasalmus nattereri / Piranha
12073 Thayeria boehlkei
5907 Aphyosemion australe australe
5908 Aphyosemion australe australe XL
5901 Aphyosemion australe Gold
5902 Aphyosemion australe Gold XL
3127 Aphyosemion australe Gold-Kap Lopez
3386 Aphyosemion australe Gold-Kap Lopez XL
1777 Aphyosemion australe Green
3089 Aphyosemion australe Green XL
1778 Aphyosemion australe Hjersseni
3081 Aphyosemion australe Hjersseni XL
1779 Aphyosemion australe Kap Lopez
3082 Aphyosemion australe Kap Lopez XL
3123 Aphyosemion bitaeniatum
3124 Aphyosemion bitaeniatum XL
1780 Aphyosemion bivittatum
3090 Aphyosemion bivittatum XL
3735 Aphyosemion bivittatum Baraka
3736 Aphyosemion bivittatum Baraka XL
4322 Aphyosemion bivittatum Biafra
4323 Aphyosemion bivittatum Biafra XL
1781 Aphyosemion bivittatum Funge
3085 Aphyosemion bivittatum Funge XL
6466 Aphyosemion bivittatum Ijebu Ode
6467 Aphyosemion bivittatum Ijebu Ode XL
3119 Aphyosemion cauveti
3120 Aphyosemion cauveti XL
3145 Aphyosemion celiae Celiae
3146 Aphyosemion celiae Celiae XL
3149 Aphyosemion celiae Winifredae
3150 Aphyosemion celiae Winifredae XL
1783 Aphyosemion cinnamomeum
3094 Aphyosemion cinnamomeum XL
3117 Aphyosemion fallax
3118 Aphyosemion fallax XL
1784 Aphyosemion filamentosum
3091 Aphyosemion filamentosum XL
6464 Aphyosemion filamentosum Ijebu Ode
6465 Aphyosemion filamentosum Ijebu Ode XL
4326 Aphyosemion filamentosum Ikeja
4327 Aphyosemion filamentosum Ikeja XL
6451 Aphyosemion filamentosum Ouidah
6452 Aphyosemion filamentosum Ouidah XL
1785 Aphyosemion gabunense
4324 Aphyosemion gabunense Boehmi
3425 Aphyosemion gabunense Marginatum
1786 Aphyosemion gardneri
3084 Aphyosemion gardneri XL
1787 Aphyosemion gardneri Akure
3083 Aphyosemion gardneri Akure XL
1788 Aphyosemion gardneri Gold
3095 Aphyosemion gardneri Gold XL
1789 Aphyosemion gardneri Gold Rudicki
3096 Aphyosemion gardneri Gold Rudicki XL
7513 Aphyosemion gardneri Green
7514 Aphyosemion gardneri Green XL
4570 Aphyosemion gardneri Inidere
4571 Aphyosemion gardneri Inidere XL
4572 Aphyosemion gardneri Jos Plateau
4573 Aphyosemion gardneri Jos Plateau XL
3078 Aphyosemion gardneri Macurdi
3079 Aphyosemion gardneri Macurdi XL
3113 Aphyosemion gardneri Mamfense
3114 Aphyosemion gardneri Mamfense XL
4132 Aphyosemion gardneri Misaje
4133 Aphyosemion gardneri Misaje XL
3111 Aphyosemion gardneri Nigerianum
3112 Aphyosemion gardneri Nigerianum XL
3302 Aphyosemion gardneri Nsukka
3303 Aphyosemion gardneri Nsukka XL
3109 Aphyosemion geryi Nigerianum
3110 Aphyosemion geryi Nigerianum XL
3419 Aphyosemion gularis
3420 Aphyosemion gularis XL
4519 Aphyosemion josplate Red
4550 Aphyosemion josplate Red XL
1791 Aphyosemion marmoratum
3077 Aphyosemion marmoratum XL
1792 Aphyosemion mirabile
3104 Aphyosemion mirabile XL
7498 Aphyosemion mirabile Red
7499 Aphyosemion mirabile Red XL
6240 Aphyosemion nigerianum Jos Plateau
6241 Aphyosemion nigerianum Jos Plateau XL
12107 Aphyosemion ogoense
4104 Aphyosemion poliaki
4105 Aphyosemion poliaki XL
4342 Aphyosemion poliaki Bolifamba
4343 Aphyosemion poliaki Bolifamba XL
4344 Aphyosemion poliaki Mile 29
1793 Aphyosemion puerzli
3102 Aphyosemion puerzli XL
6011 Aphyosemion riggenbachi
6012 Aphyosemion riggenbachi XL
1794 Aphyosemion scheeli
3086 Aphyosemion scheeli XL
1795 Aphyosemion sjoestedti
1796 Aphyosemion sjoestedti
3828 Aphyosemion sjoestedti XL
11575 Aphyosemion sjoestedti Blue
11576 Aphyosemion sjoestedti Blue XL
11688 Aphyosemion splendopleure
11690 Aphyosemion splendopleure Red
6394 Aphyosemion spoorenbergi Green
5969 Aphyosemion spoorenbergi Green XL
1797 Aphyosemion striatum
3097 Aphyosemion striatum XL
1799 Aphyosemion walkeri
3087 Aphyosemion walkeri XL
4340 Aphyosemion walkeri Kutunze
4341 Aphyosemion walkeri Kutunze XL
1800 Aphyosemion walkeri Red
3106 Aphyosemion walkeri Red XL
1801 Aphyosemion walkeri Spurrelli
3107 Aphyosemion walkeri Spurrelli XL
3098 Aplocheilus lineatus Gold
3818 Austrolebias alexandri
3819 Austrolebias alexandri XL
1809 Austrolebias bellottii
1812 Cynolebias constanciae
4209 Cynolebias constanciae XL
8797 Cynolebias Del Uruguay
8798 Cynolebias Del Uruguay XL
3011 Cynolebias fulminantis
3758 Cynolebias fulminantis XL
11571 Cynolebias nielseni
1817 Cynolebias nigripinnis
6515 Cynolebias nigripinnis XL
1818 Cynolebias nigripinnis Alexandri
6516 Cynolebias nigripinnis Alexandri XL
12109 Cynolebias sanctae
1820 Cynolebias whitei
3875 Cynolebias whitei XL
1822 Cynolebias zonatus
3304 Cynolebias zonatus XL
1841 Epiplatys annulatus
3400 Epiplatys annulatus XL
3434 Epiplatys dageti dageti
1825 Epiplatys dageti monroviae
1826 Epiplatys dageti Red
1827 Epiplatys grahami
12105 Epiplatys roloffi
12106 Epiplatys roloffi XL
9263 Chromaphyosemion volcanum Econdo
9264 Chromaphyosemion volcanum Econdo XL
3133 Nothobranchius eggersi
3134 Nothobranchius eggersi XL
1829 Nothobranchius foerschi
3310 Nothobranchius foerschi XL
3389 Nothobranchius furzeri
3390 Nothobranchius furzeri XL
1830 Nothobranchius guentheri Blue
3383 Nothobranchius guentheri Blue XL
1831 Nothobranchius guentheri Red
3384 Nothobranchius guentheri Red XL
1834 Nothobranchius korthausae
3354 Nothobranchius korthausae XL
3357 Nothobranchius korthausae Brown
3355 Nothobranchius korthausae Red
3356 Nothobranchius korthausae Red XL
1835 Nothobranchius palmquisti
3360 Nothobranchius palmquisti XL
3737 Nothobranchius palmquisti Gazani
3846 Nothobranchius palmquisti Red
3847 Nothobranchius palmquisti Red XL
1836 Nothobranchius patrizii
1837 Nothobranchius rachovii
3361 Nothobranchius rachovii XL
3911 Nothobranchius rachovii Blue
3912 Nothobranchius rachovii Blue XL
3829 Nothobranchius rachovii Red
3830 Nothobranchius rachovii Red XL
1838 Nothobranchius rubripinnis
3369 Nothobranchius rubripinnis XL
4106 Procatopus aberrans
3985 Pterolebias sp.Santa Nanay
3986 Pterolebias sp.Santa Nanay XL
1848 Rivulus holmiae
1850 Rivulus marmoratus
1854 Roloffia couveti
4328 Simpsonichthys magnificus
4329 Simpsonichthys magnificus XL
11573 Simpsonichthys picturatus Red
11574 Simpsonichthys picturatus Red XL
8744 Barbus conchonius
1864 Barbus conchonius
1865 Barbus conchonius
1863 Barbus conchonius Diamond
4256 Barbus conchonius Diamond
8746 Barbus conchonius Gold
1866 Barbus conchonius Gold
12133 Barbus conchonius Gold / Yellow
10350 Barbus conchonius Gold Red Coral
10352 Barbus conchonius Gold Red Coral
10353 Barbus conchonius Gold Red Coral
6562 Barbus conchonius Super Color
3610 Barbus nigrofasciatus
1876 Barbus nigrofasciatus
1877 Barbus nigrofasciatus
8731 Barbus odesa
1898 Barbus odesa
11713 Barbus semifasciatus
1885 Barbus semifasciatus
3607 Barbus schuberti
1883 Barbus schuberti
1884 Barbus schuberti
8732 Barbus tetrazona
3606 Barbus tetrazona
11699 Barbus tetrazona
1887 Barbus tetrazona
8736 Barbus tetrazona Albin
11703 Barbus tetrazona Gold
1894 Barbus tetrazona Green
10588 Barbus tetrazona Green
1895 Barbus tetrazona Green
10320 Barbus tetrazona Green Crown
11700 Barbus tetrazona Green Crown
3099 Barbus tetrazona H.K.
8700 Barbus titteya
3613 Barbus titteya
1899 Barbus titteya
4499 Barbus titteya Red
4500 Barbus titteya Red
8224 Botia macracantha – Czech Breeding
8225 Botia macracantha – Czech Breeding
9950 Botia macracantha – Czech Breeding
12130 Botia macracantha – Czech Breeding XXL
10047 Brachydanio francei
1913 Brachydanio francei
1914 Brachydanio francei long fin
1915 Brachydanio rerio
8795 Brachydanio rerio XL
1918 Brachydanio rerio long fin
9485 Danio choprae
2544 Danio malabaricus
11800 Epalzeorhynchus bicolor – Czech Breeding
10205 Garra rufa – Doctor fish
12072 Garra rufa – Doctor fish
6150 Garra rufa – Doctor fish
6151 Garra rufa – Doctor fish
6152 Garra rufa – Doctor fish
6153 Garra rufa – Doctor fish XL
9474 Garra rufa – Doctor fish from 100 pcs
1930 Labeo bicolor – Czech breeding
5498 Labeo bicolor – Czech Breeding XL
12127 Labeo bicolor – Czech Breeding XXL
11781 Labeo bicolor – Czech breeding from 100 pcs
1932 Labeo frenatus – Czech Breeding
5265 Labeo frenatus – Czech Breeding
4483 Labeo frenatus – Czech Breeding XL
12123 Labeo frenatus – Czech Breeding XXL
10532 Labeo frenatus – Czech Breeding from 50 pcs
10329 Labeo frenatus – Czech Breeding from 100 pcs
1934 Labeo frenatus Albino – Czech Breeding
4721 Labeo frenatus Albino – Czech Breeding XL
1936 Rasbora borapetensis
9614 Rasbora galaxy / Galaxy Rasbora
4741 Rasbora hengeli
3614 Rasbora heteromorpha
1937 Rasbora heteromorpha
1938 Rasbora heteromorpha
1939 Rasbora heteromorpha Black
1940 Rasbora heteromorpha Black
7403 Rasbora heteromorpha Black XL
1946 Tanichthys albonubes
1947 Tanichthys albonubes long fin
1948 Tanichthys albonubes long fin
1953 Glossolepis incisus
11708 Glossolepis incisus
1954 Glossolepis incisus
1960 Iriatherina werneri
1961 Iriatherina werneri XL
6067 Melanotaenia boesemani
1966 Melanotaenia boesemani
1967 Melanotaenia boesemani
1968 Melanotaenia boesemani XL
8203 Melanotaenia boesemani Fire Red
8204 Melanotaenia boesemani Fire Red
11710 Melanotaenia boesemani Fire Red
1969 Melanotaenia herbertaxelrodi
1971 Melanotaenia lacustris
11709 Melanotaenia lacustris
1976 Melanotaenia praecox
10579 Melanotaenia praecox
1977 Melanotaenia praecox
1981 Melanotaenia trifasciata
1992 Ameca splendes
3724 Dermogenys pusillus
1998 Girardinus metallicus
11577 Girardinus metallicus Black
1999 Heterandia formosa
12172 Micropoecilia sp. “Endleri – Tiger”
10340 Micropoecilia sp. “Endleri – Wingei Blue” XL
9679 Micropoecilia sp. “Endleri – Wingei Gold” XL
2013 Micropoecilia sp. “Endleri – Wingei”
9078 Micropoecilia sp. “Endleri – Wingei” XL
11305 Micropoecilia sp. “Endleri MIX” Female XL
11304 Micropoecilia sp. “Endleri MIX” Male XL
6087 Phalloceros caudomaculatus
6088 Phalloceros caudomaculatus
2006 Poecilia reticulata Female
2007 Poecilia reticulata Female XL
11666 Poecilia reticulata Female XXL
2005 Poecilia reticulata Male
6494 Poecilia reticulata Male XL
9033 Poecilia reticulata ASSORTED/MIX Female XL
9787 Poecilia reticulata ASSORTED/MIX Male
9788 Poecilia reticulata ASSORTED/MIX Male XL
4788 Poecilia reticulata BLUE TUXEDO Male
3809 Poecilia reticulata COBALT Female
11006 Poecilia reticulata H.B. WHITE Male
11011 Poecilia reticulata MIX Female
11009 Poecilia reticulata MIX Male
4787 Poecilia reticulata RED COBRA Female
10996 Poecilia reticulata RED COBRA Male
4786 Poecilia reticulata RED COBRA Male
2017 Poecilia reticulata RED TAIL Female
6485 Poecilia reticulata RED TAIL Female
6486 Poecilia reticulata RED TAIL Male
11000 Poecilia reticulata RED TUXEDO Female
10999 Poecilia reticulata RED TUXEDO Male
9420 Poecilia reticulata TRIANGEL XL
11004 Poecilia reticulata TUXEDO BLACK Female
11003 Poecilia reticulata TUXEDO BLACK Male
10998 Poecilia reticulata YELLOW COBRA Female
4791 Poecilia reticulata YELLOW COBRA Female
10997 Poecilia reticulata YELLOW COBRA Male
4790 Poecilia reticulata YELLOW COBRA Male
9403 Poecilia reticulata YELLOW NEON XL
2018 Poecilia sphenops Black Molly
2019 Poecilia sphenops Black Molly
2020 Poecilia sphenops Black Molly XL
7400 Poecilia sphenops Gold Lyra Molly
3324 Poecilia sphenops Gold Molly
3325 Poecilia sphenops Gold Molly
2021 Poecilia sphenops Lyra Molly
7035 Poecilia velifera MIX
10752 Xiphophorus helleri Berlin
11035 Xiphophorus helleri Berlin
2033 Xiphophorus helleri Berlin
2070 Xiphophorus helleri Black
2051 Xiphophorus helleri Green
2052 Xiphophorus helleri Green
7690 Xiphophorus helleri Koi Kohaku
11030 Xiphophorus helleri Merry Gold
2059 Xiphophorus helleri Mix
5911 Xiphophorus helleri Mix
9484 Xiphophorus helleri Mix XL
5395 Xiphophorus helleri Papagai
2067 Xiphophorus helleri Red
2064 Xiphophorus helleri Red Tuxedo
2065 Xiphophorus helleri Red Wagteil
9342 Xiphophorus maculatus Apple Tricolor Hi-Fin
8905 Xiphophorus maculatus Black
9915 Xiphophorus maculatus Blue Coral
9582 Xiphophorus maculatus Blue Tuxedo
4776 Xiphophorus maculatus Marigold Mickey Mouse
2082 Xiphophorus maculatus Mix
9832 Xiphophorus maculatus Orange Gold
2077 Xiphophorus maculatus Red Coral
11025 Xiphophorus maculatus Red Coral
2088 Xiphophorus maculatus Red Wagteil
9584 Xiphophorus maculatus Yellow Tuxedo
6446 Xiphophorus variatus Sunset Gold Hi-Fin
11027 Xiphophorus variatus SUNSET GOLD Hi-Fin
Labyrinth fish
11190 Betta splendens Female
2100 Betta splendens Female
10486 Betta splendens Female
7525 Betta splendens Female XL
4317 Betta splendens Male XL
2110 Colisa labiosa Orange
5928 Colisa labiosa Orange XL
2113 Colisa lalia XL
2116 Colisa lalia Red XXL
2123 Helostoma temmincki – Czech Breeding
3739 Helostoma temmincki – Czech Breeding
6661 Helostoma temmincki – Czech Breeding
10328 Macropodus opercularis Blue
10324 Macropodus opercularis Red
5890 Macropodus opercularis Red
2128 Macropodus opercularis Red
10893 Macropodus opercularis Super Blue
10981 Trichogaster trichopterus Sumatranus
5887 Trichogaster trichopterus Sumatranus
5937 Ancistrus Lemon/Orange L 144
4048 Ancistrus Lemon/Orange L 144
4050 Ancistrus Lemon/Orange L 144
4049 Ancistrus Lemon/Orange L 144
7432 Ancistrus Lemon/Orange L 144 long fin
6037 Ancistrus Lemon/Orange L 144 long fin
6132 Ancistrus Lemon/Orange L 144 long fin
6133 Ancistrus Lemon/Orange L 144 long fin
2173 Ancistrus Red/Brown LDA 16
2174 Ancistrus Red/Brown LDA 16
2175 Ancistrus Red/Brown LDA 16
3100 Ancistrus sp.
2183 Ancistrus sp.
2184 Ancistrus sp.
2185 Ancistrus sp.
5170 Ancistrus sp.
2186 Ancistrus sp.
5063 Ancistrus sp.
2187 Ancistrus sp.
2188 Ancistrus sp.
4514 Ancistrus sp. XL
3101 Ancistrus sp.Gold
2189 Ancistrus sp.Gold
7337 Ancistrus sp.Gold
2191 Ancistrus sp.Gold
2192 Ancistrus sp.Gold
4923 Ancistrus sp.Gold
2193 Ancistrus sp.Gold
2194 Ancistrus sp.Gold
5147 Ancistrus sp.Gold XL
8026 Ancistrus sp.Gold XXL
3820 Ancistrus sp.Gold long fin
3821 Ancistrus sp.Gold long fin
3822 Ancistrus sp.Gold long fin
2675 Ancistrus sp.long fin
2676 Ancistrus sp.long fin
2677 Ancistrus sp.long fin
2678 Ancistrus sp.long fin
9303 Ancistrus sp.Super Red
9304 Ancistrus sp.Super Red
9270 Ancistrus sp.Super Red
9271 Ancistrus sp.Super Red
9272 Ancistrus sp.Super Red
11548 Ancistrus sp.Super Red long fin
11549 Ancistrus sp.Super Red long fin
11147 Ancistrus sp.Temmincki
11148 Ancistrus sp.Temmincki
11149 Ancistrus sp.Temmincki
11150 Ancistrus sp.Temmincki
3646 Apteronotus albifrons
2203 Corydoras aeneus
2204 Corydoras aeneus
2205 Corydoras aeneus
5527 Corydoras aeneus
7103 Corydoras aeneus Black Venezuela
7104 Corydoras aeneus Black Venezuela
3348 Corydoras aeneus Gold
3349 Corydoras aeneus Gold
3350 Corydoras aeneus Gold
11676 Corydoras aeneus long fin
11677 Corydoras aeneus long fin
11678 Corydoras aeneus long fin
11679 Corydoras aeneus long fin
10054 Corydoras aeneus Neon-Gold-Albino
4357 Corydoras barbatus
4358 Corydoras barbatus
2208 Corydoras elegans var.I.
2214 Corydoras julli
2221 Corydoras nannus
8178 Corydoras nannus
2222 Corydoras napoensis
2223 Corydoras napoensis
11180 Corydoras paleatus
2224 Corydoras paleatus
2225 Corydoras paleatus
2226 Corydoras paleatus
5306 Corydoras paleatus
5307 Corydoras paleatus XL
2227 Corydoras paleatus long fin
2228 Corydoras paleatus long fin
2229 Corydoras paleatus long fin
5310 Corydoras paleatus long fin
11181 Corydoras paleatus Albino
2230 Corydoras paleatus Albino
2231 Corydoras paleatus Albino
2232 Corydoras paleatus Albino
5308 Corydoras paleatus Albino
5309 Corydoras paleatus Albino XL
11698 Corydoras paleatus Albino long fin
2233 Corydoras paleatus Albino long fin
2234 Corydoras paleatus Albino long fin
5256 Corydoras paleatus Albino long fin
5312 Corydoras paleatus Albino long fin
5313 Corydoras paleatus Albino long fin XL
6269 Corydoras paleatus Albino Double long fin
6270 Corydoras paleatus Albino Double long fin
6271 Corydoras paleatus Albino Double long fin
6272 Corydoras paleatus Albino Double long fin
6897 Corydoras paleatus Albino Double long fin XL
5941 Corydoras paleatus Braun
5942 Corydoras paleatus Braun
5943 Corydoras paleatus Braun
5944 Corydoras paleatus Braun
3328 Corydoras paleatus Fin-Spotted
3329 Corydoras paleatus Fin-Spotted
3330 Corydoras paleatus Fin-Spotted
2235 Corydoras panda
2236 Corydoras panda
3693 Corydoras punctatus
6148 Corydoras punctatus XL
6211 Corydoras pygmaeus
9673 Corydoras schultzei
9674 Corydoras schultzei
9675 Corydoras schultzei
9676 Corydoras schultzei
6142 Corydoras schwartzi XL
5721 Corydoras similis
5722 Corydoras similis
10318 Corydoras similis
2244 Corydoras sterbai
5208 Farlowella acus
8170 Farlowella acus XL
2265 Hoplosternum pectorale
2264 Hoplosternum pectorale
2268 Hoplosternum thoracatum
2269 Hoplosternum thoracatum
2270 Hoplosternum thoracatum
6622 Hoplosternum thoracatum
12056 L-052 Zonancistrus species – Czech Breeding
12057 L-052 Zonancistrus species – Czech Breeding
6788 L-134 Peckoltia compta – Czech Breeding
12060 L-144 “Blue Eyed Gold” – Czech Breeding
12061 L-144 “Blue Eyed Gold” – Czech Breeding
12050 L-168 Zonancistrus brachyurus – Czech Breeding
12052 L-213 Ancistrus spec – Czech Breeding
12053 L-213 Ancistrus spec – Czech Breeding
12054 L-213 Ancistrus spec – Czech Breeding
2296 Platydoras costatus
2335 Synodontis eupterus
2350 Synodontis ocellifer
2362 Synodontis velifera
Other Animals
4044 Ambystoma mexicanum Albin /Axolotl/
4045 Ambystoma mexicanum Albin /Axolotl/
4046 Ambystoma mexicanum Albin /Axolotl/
2370 Ambystoma mexicanum Brown /Axolotl/
2371 Ambystoma mexicanum Brown /Axolotl/
2372 Ambystoma mexicanum Brown /Axolotl/
9044 Ambystoma mexicanum Gold Albino Pearl
2375 Ampularia australis Gold
9364 Anentome helena / Clea /
9281 Anentome helena / Clea /
3035 Hymenochirus boettgeri
3036 Hymenochirus boettgeri
4877 Hymenochirus curtipes
4778 Hymenochirus curtipes
2392 Hymenochirus spec.
2393 Hymenochirus spec.
4361 Melanoides tuberculata
9285 Nerritina gagates – Tiger Snail
9337 Nerritina turrita – spotted /zeb.Snail
9924 Nerritina turrita Tiger
2400 Pleurodella spec./ Walti
2401 Pleurodella spec./ Walti
2402 Pleurodella spec./walti L
6386 Pleurodella spec./walti XL
9052 Pleurodella spec./walti XXL
6472 Procambarus clarkii Orange
7405 Procambarus clarkii Red
3487 Procambarus clarkii Red
6476 Procambarus clarkii White
9939 Procambarus clarkii White
8301 Procambarus fallax
2410 Procambarus troglodites Blue
2411 Procambarus troglodites Blue
10067 Procambarus troglodites Blue
2412 Procambarus troglodites Blue
4314 Tateurdina ocellicauda
4315 Tateurdina ocellicauda
2428 Xenopus laevis
2431 Xenopus laevis Gold
12140 Xenopus laevis Gold XL

Incoming fish from Czech Republic Wednesday 26/08/2016

Aequidens dorsigera (3.5 – 4.0)
Apistogramma agassizii Alenquer Red Tail Pairs (3.0 – 4.0)
Apistogramma agassizii Red Pairs (3.0 – 4.0)
Apistogramma borellii Yellow-Head (2.5 – 3.0)
Apistogramma cacatuoides “Triple-Red” Pairs (2.0 – 3.0)
Apistogramma cacatuoides Double Orange Pairs (3.0 – 4.0)
Apistogramma trifasciata Pairs (3.0 – 3.5)
Apistogramma viejita Gold Pairs (3.0 – 4.0)
Cichlasoma sajica (4.0 – 4.5)
Gymnogeophagus australis (4.0 – 5.0)
Papiliochromis ramirezi German Blue (1.5 – 2.0)
Cynotilapia afra (4.0 – 5.0)
Labidochromis hongi Red Top (3.5 – 4.0)
Melanochromis chipokae (4.0 – 5.0)
Microchromis zebroides (3.0 – 4.0)
Pseudotropheus acei (4.0 – 5.0)
Hemichromis elongatus (4.0 – 5.0)
Hemichromis lifalili (3.5 – 4.0)
Hemichromis stellifer (4.5 – 5.0)
Pterophyllum scalare Manacapuru Red Back (3.0 – 3.5)
Pterophyllum scalare Zebra Smoke (3.0 – 3.5)
Hasemania nana (2.0 – 2.5)
Hyphessobrycon amandae (2.5 – 3.0)
Hyphessobrycon bentosi/ornatus (2.5 – 3.0)
Cheirodon axelrodi – Czech Breeding XL (XL)
Nematobrycon palmeri (3.5)
Paracheirodon innesi – Czech Breeding (3.0)
Paracheirodon innesi Diamond (2.5)
Phenacogrammus interruptus (4.0 – 4.5)
Aplocheilus lineatus Gold (4.0 – 5.0)
Cynolebias constanciae (2.5 – 3.5)
Cynolebias fulminantis XL (XL)
Cynolebias nigripinnis (2.5 – 3.5)
Epiplatys annulatus XL (XL)
Nothobranchius eggersi XL (XL)
Nothobranchius foerschi (2.5 – 3.5)
Nothobranchius korthausae Red (2.5 – 3.5)
Simpsonichthys picturatus Red (2.5 – 3.5)
Barbus nigrofasciatus (3.0 – 3.5)
Barbus tetrazona Albin (1.5 – 2.0)
Garra rufa – Doctor fish (2.0 – 2.5)
Rasbora heteromorpha Black (2.0)
Glossolepis incisus (4.0 – 4.5)
Melanotaenia trifasciata (4.0 – 5.0)
Dermogenys pusillus (4.0 – 5.0)
Poecilia reticulata RED COBRA Male (3.0 – 3.5)
Poecilia reticulata YELLOW COBRA Male (3.0)
Poecilia sphenops Lyra Molly (3.0 – 4.0)
Xiphophorus helleri Merry Gold (4.0 – 5.0)
Xiphophorus maculatus Orange Gold (3.0 – 4.0)
Xiphophorus maculatus Yellow (3.0 – 4.0)
Xiphophorus variatus SUNSET GOLD Hi-Fin (3.0 – 4.0)
Betta splendens Female (2.0 – 3.0)
Helostoma temmincki – Czech Breeding (4.0 – 5.0)
Macropodus opercularis Red (2.5 – 3.5)
Ancistrus sp.Gold (1.3 – 2.0)
Corydoras paleatus (2.5 – 3.0)
Betta splendens Half Moon Male XL (4.0 >)
Botia macracantha (4.0 – 4.5)
Bunocephalus coracoideus (5.0 – 6.0)
Otocinclus affinis from 50 pcs (2.5 – 3.0)
Rasbora uropthalmoides (1.0 – 1.7)

Now delivering livestock direct to your door


Hello everyone,

Okay due to extreme pressure we have given in.Within the next week or so all our livestock will be available for delivery next day nationwide.Yes you heard correctly. We are setting it up as we speak. Our fish house will be available to you no matter where you are. We have over 450 tanks of stock so the range we carry is indeed mind blowing, so basically i am excited to make this announcement. Our biggest problem is our range is so vast cataloging it will be a nightmare. Most shops have a few tanks we now have 5 fish houses…..with more coming online.Our african section alone is 15metres long with a further 5,ooo litres coming online just for wilds coming from Tanganyika and Malawi.

In the coming weeks we have Peru coming in.

We hopefully have our first Indian Shipment direct.

Then West africa.

Besides our normal stuff.

So you will now be able to chose from the most comprehensive range of stock in Europe. I mean our competitors think they are big….we are over twice our biggest competitors size……and I mean it….it scares me sometimes to see whats in our tanks…..

Well the long and short of it is….by hook or crook we can now send it out to you……From arapiama to guppies……imagine……wild caught aficans…..all genuine and we will certify the origins on wild caught stuff so you know it is the genuine P generation fish….no other company can do this because we are the only ones capable of doing this.

I am not talking about buying from the Uk and pretending we are importers…..we have our own catchers fishing the lakes and rivers……and we can back this up.

So yes I am really looking forward to setting this up………so if you are a fish fan and you like what we do then you will know how I am feeling right now.

Thank you for all your help and support.

Aquatic Village Team.

new arrivals 22/07/15

Keyhole Cichlid
Hap. Borleyi Redfin
Hap. Fenustratus Eastern
Otopharynx Lithobates Zimbawe Rock
Lionhead Cichlid
Tropheus Dubosi
Black Angelfish
Gold Angelfish
Gold Widdow Tetr
Ember Tetra
Orange Flame Tetra
Red Eye Tetra
XL Neons
Diamond Neons
Gold Barbs
Green Barbs
Zebra Danio
Leopard Danio
Rainbow Shark
Redtail Black Shark
Albino Rainbow Shark
Blackline Rasbora
Dusky Millions Fish (mosquito fish)
Red Cobra Guppy
Black Molly
Green Swordtails
Sunset Platy
Black Venezuelan Cory
Gold Cory
Elegans Cory
Corydoras Punctatus
Gold Flash Cory

celestial eye goldfish

Customers questions and answers 19/02/2014



Hi there,
The other day a couple of people on facebook asked me about the suitability of rainwater for use in fish keeping.This is a really good subject to have a banter about because for years people have asked me this question and for the first time i will get to write something about it.

I am sure that a lot of people are thinking about collecting rainwater for use in the home aquaria and pond.Especially because of the impending water  charges madness we are about to face.I do not think that it will be a simple as just collecting your own water do you really think that it will be?I read recently that in six states in the USA it is illegal to collect rain water?Did you know this?Well it is true  it belongs to the government and if you are caught hoarding it you are in big trouble.I suppose the reason is lost revenue it is always about revenue and not morality.Now on the basis that every government is about revenue i can see this creep in in the near future trust me what happens in the states usually happens here too.

Okay that is my little rant over.Aquatic Village gives away water.We have an amazing spring so if any one wants soft water PH 6-6.5 come up n get it.

Right rainwater.Firstly water is a very very complicated beast.On the basis that you know the parameters you are looking for for your aquarium you are on the right path.The biggest problem with rain water is stability.Rainwater is the building block to water as we know it.As the water passes through the system ie to become groundwater this is where it gains its characteristics.If we use it straight from the sky we have an immediate stumbling block to overcome.Let us forget contamination for a moment and let us concentrate on the liquid itself.It is pure.Kh and gh non existent for argument sake even though some will argue i will argue back contamination.We have a water source that will have no fixed pH and is likely to crash or rise with the slightest stimulus.

Try vigorously aerating rainwater and see what happens chances are your ph reading will go off the chart in the alkaline direction.This can be catastrophic.Why? Easy half of you still don’t know how or what a test kit is and you will dump rainwater straight into your fish then go online and blame the world instead of yourself.Here is a chance for me to reiterate but a test kit look after your own destiny any shop that test your water for you is not up too much it is called treating you like a mushroom…….

Anyway some rain will have a low ph depending on the amount of co2 in the atmosphere.Heavy populations ie towns and cities will result in low ph which is no good for alkaline fish.Again i will take the moment to stress that did you know that alkalosis or acidosis will produce the same symptoms as most of the fish disease we deal with???Well me awl pal they do.If you see your fish sitting on the aquarium substrate looking miserable check your ph.If you see mucus on your fish and it even turns white and stringy check your ph…….flashing and rubbing check nitrite and ph.

Back to rainwater.Rainwater is fine as long as it is collected in an inert container from an inert source.Check to make sure the tiles etc on the roof are inert and gutters etc are plastic……iron gutters is a no no iron in the water will interfere with the physiological workings of a fish and will prevent it from healing wounds etc.Zinc from galvanized gutters etc a big no no so be practical here.

So you have your rainwater now you will have to shape it to suit.Mineralization is usually the key.Give the water the capacity to buffer itself.We are using small amounts and i know what you are going to say out loud why doesn’t rain mess up lakes and rivers.The key to that answer is in the previous line thank god i added this.Large volumes of water are inherently stable small volumes can be a problem.I have a river running through a piece of land not far from my shop.It is a wonderful clear little stream with plenty of fish and greenery i have thought about doing something with it for years.The ph is 7.And it is crystal clear and tasty…..yum but add an airstone and bang…… skyrockets to 9 plus.Why is the river so healthy?Volume for one.Dilution is the other answer.And as the river moves further from the spring it will take up more permanent characteristics form co2 etc and mixing with other water sources.

If you want to use rainwater than condition it accordingly.There are conditioners out there even the RO conditioners will help trust me this is important improve the kh and gh and you will be able to gain control over ph.Rainwater is amazing in its own right because it is pure until it hits the ground from there on lies the problems.Do not use willy nilly check before and after for ph.

I hope this helps the people asking about rainwater draw your own conclusions remember common sense prevails…..if you get stuck the ask the questions… can always find updates on our facebook page.

Customers questions and answers 19/02/2014

Hi there thanks for the appreciation.As for sumps i am not really a major fan of them they come with the systems i use so that’s the real reason i use them.Fish keepers are always looking for the holy grail and sumps always tick that box.As for me i would use a sump if i needed to hide equipment from view like skimmers and heaters etc yea they can make the appearance of an aquarium look better so go for it in that respect.As for filtration,if your water quality via your test kit is perfect then no matter which type of filtration you have done your job.That is how simple life is it scares me that people find it so hard to grasp this concept.Your test results are the answers to your questions.People unfortunately think of water clarity as being the success they have been searching for and i always say then why don’t you keep your fish in vodka that’s nice and clear…..:)It amazes me the hold the trade can have over the general public keep them like mushrooms.Sometimes people get frustrated with me for referring back to water quality all the time but if your results are what you need then that’s that.The most important thing about a sump system is oxygen levels.We come across the same phenomenon using multibay filtration for koi ponds.It is no use having ten chambers packed with media if you cant supply enough oxygen to support the growth of bacteria across the whole of the system.The limiting factor anyway will be available ammonia which is basically a food source.So in essence you will end up with a giant mechanical filter without realizing it.But it serves the same end technically.
In an ideal world the set up you should be focusing on is this as with all filtration.We need to separate the solids fro the water column.By doing this we can keep our culture of bacteria in top form breaking down dissolved waste.Unfortunately this is seldom achieved most filters will turn into a big mushy nightmare if not maintained properly.So when choosing media it is more a personal choice.When it comes to multibay filtration for koi etc nothing beats filter brushes in the first chamber as long as the chamber is sized correctly.You can put all the modern gadgets against this old technology and i haven’t seen it be4ttered yet but the hobby is all about selling gadgets so let them at it. I come from a thinking approach fish have been my life for over 30 years we used to make professional filters ad on occasion we still do when we need too.Brushes will settle solids and solids stick to solids so with in no time you will be shocked at the amount of physical waste a couple of brush chambers in inline will collect.Anyway for a sump we are more restricted.The biggest problem is the return from the tank which will be approx 3500 lph.I do suggest the sock great idea to a degree but the solids will eventually go into solution you will only trap the coarse material but it is something i like the concept… all concept.You need to provide a way of slowing the water to a halt so solids will precipitate out of the water column.Bio balls are as good as any but layers of poly wool would be more effective.I love poly wool it is so versatile.It ticks all the boxes.You can use it to prestrain and trap the solids keeping them from moving through the system.Remember to turn off the sytem before removing so you have a static body of water.This prevents contamination of other chambers then you can syphon off the solids that settle while you do your maintenance.Biological media i love siporax it is tremendous every copies it in one way or another but the original is still the best.Sera do bulk siporax we are the agents(little plug there).As a guideline it takes about a cubic foot of media t handle a 1000 litres of water you can use that to gauge the project.I would then use my graded foam coarse medium then fine on the return pump just to keep the last escapees from beating the system.It does not have to be complicated.Fish keepers ultimately battle with particles……its all a visual thing……particles will be beaten by flow rates and the correct building of the weir in the tank.If your weir is just a standard over the top job you will have problems if it has an outer box that collects from the bottom first then you are ok i guess.You can always use an external for removing any stubborn particles in my opinion.

Remember overcrowd your africans this is the way they exist in nature maybe stick a giraffe cat in with them to stir up the sand they are brilliant for hoovering tanks.So i hope this has been helpful to you.
Best of luck

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Customer questions and answers 18/02/2014

Questions and answers from my customers…..

i am going setup a new filter for a african cichlid tank.
it has three empty baskets what media should i use or should i use sponge filters on my 350L tank


Hi there,
Ah yes ye old African tank…..I have an 8 foot African tank with nearly 300 fish in it in work it is pretty awesome and i am a big African fan.The reason i keep it so densely stock is to keep aggression to a minimum which it is considering that some of the fish are over 30 cm.On the basis that you have a 350litre tank i would suggest that you would use two externals rather than one.Alternate the cleaning of them leaving at least 4 weeks between servicing so one will be on the ascendency as the other is on the decline biologically because one you service one of the filters it is pretty much foobarred.The biofilm gets sloughed off and the bacteria being really slow to recover will not handle the ammonia produced by your fish that is why testing after clean outs is essential till stability returns.The most important thing is to grade the media used.What media you choose is a personal choice really.But depending on water flow it should go coarse to fine.Catching waste particles in this way is more efficient than bunging up the media.In professional treatment systems this is very evident.We have a specially designed RO system that has pretreatment stages based on this science and we use pressure gauges to inform us when each stage isn becoming a problem.As for media mmmm i like coarse sponge when it forms its biofilm it is a great remover of heavy particles in a small area.Bo balls are a joke for me they are totally inefficient in a confined space where as in a large body of water ie koi filters large chambers they are great for slowing water down and settling solids.Siporax is legendary because of its porosity and filter wool too.But make sure the filter is up to the job flow rate wise.350 litres is a large body of water your biggest problem will be settlement in the tank because of current.I would have an fx6 run this system or two 1200 -1500lph externals as an alternative.My african tank runs at……wait for it………12000lph and it is always spotless so your tank would equate to the fx6 filter 3500 lph.

Anyway cheers dude i have to get some work done or ill be firede.

Customer question and answers 18/02/2014

Questions and answers from a customer……

Also, what are your thoughts on the addition of carbon to your system?


Hi there sorry for late reply poxy internet has been down for a bit there.The raging debate about carbon ….eh….well on a personal level i do not use it the main reason is we manage our systems well and in general it would be impractical for us with over 400 tanks as you can imagine.Now on a hobbyist carbon can be a real help.Some will argue that carbon will remove beneficial items from your aquarium and render your environment to sterile but i would have to disagree here.A lot of the problems people have with the health of their fish is seldom down to issues like this.Health problems are usually imported into your aquarium in my experience.So the issue of customers quarantine is big one.Quarantine begins at home and that’s that there are no two ways about it but that is another matter.The most important thing about carbon is replacing it before it becomes a problem in itself 6-8 weeks is usually the bench mark i would tend to sway towards the 6week period because it tends to leach back into the system despite what manufacturers tell you.Also carbon efficacy depends on the tds of the system by this i basically mean the bio load which really boils down to stocking density and waste control.The great thing about carbon is that it can remove articles out of the water preventing them from collectively adding to waste levels but we tend to use it to reduce visual annoyances it is excellent for water clarity issues….ie tannin in the water especially when you use wood in its various forms.Its great for removing meds to after they burn out from treatment.But the most important thing is to keep the carbon as clean as possible or it will just become a sludged up mechanical filter.This will kind of defeat the purpose so protect it from this making sure it is in the cleanest part of the filter.On the basis that it is replaced properly it will please the eye giving a more pristine edge to aquarium water where aquariums with out it will have that tired look about them.Because of the porosity of carbon even the finest particles can be removed but the biggest issue to its use is contact time with the water to be treated.Seldom is it used properly.The contact time in normal use is way off the mark.An inch or too in depth as part of a mish mash of media does not cut it and to boot having carbon as an off shoot to filtration rather like a uv sterilizer does not cut it.For carbon to work best it should be filtering all of the cleanest water so it should be the last media before the return to the tank.If water can by pass it then we are just wasting our time.Like a uv all the water must pass through it or it is pretty ineffective as a safeguard.
But yea if changed regularly carbon is wicked and effective it is used in waste water treatment of all genres not just by us.
Hope this helps dude…..


Hi there,

One of the most important subjects known to man……filtration.When it comes to filtration most people can feel a little overwhelmed by the concept.Not to worry that’s why i am gonna try in a few words to make it real and easy for you.On the basis that some of you have read some of my blogs then you should know that water quality is the key issue for fish keeping.In order to maintain our water quality we do a weekly test with our test kit don’t we folks?…..yes we do Ian….okay that’s cool.Remember your test kit answers your questions before i do.On the basis that our water quality (not Clarity) is up to scratch then the next thing will be the control of solids and all the particulate matter we see in our aquariums.

It is those annoying floating suspended bits that freak us out the most is it not?It does not matter what fish you keep it is always the same.I come across this all the time.Well managing physical waste is called mechanical filtration as opposed to biological filtration.Biological filtration is the action of the bacteria we culture in our filters….it can take up to two months to colonize our filters properly with nitrosomonas  and nitrobacter the two bacteria that form a biofilm in our filters…this is what we call the biological function of our filter.It is an easy concept to understand.These bacteria are slow growing and are oxygen dependent they have an optimum temperature for growth over the temperature we keep our fish at so technically our filters never run to their optimum levels….but that’s by the by.On the basis that they do for argument sake the populations of the colonies can only grow in accordance with the amount of food that is available to them…..this food source is Ammonia.Most of this chemical is produced by the exchange of gases through the respiratory function of the gills.But i am getting off on a tangent here as i do……the biological function of our filter must be safe guarded at all times.

It takes very little to damage this unseen part to our filter.I will explain this in this way.When you are cleaning the sponges in your filter obviously using aquarium water to do so have you ever noticed the slimy feel to the sponge.That is the jelly or bio film i am talking about.Have you ever noticed that no dirt comes out till you squeeze the sponge several times then whoooosh the water is filthy….that is you sloughing off this bio film.Once you do this you compromise everything this is why i suggest using two filters and alternate the cleaning of them.Most people will have problems after a cleaning session.Your fish will still produce the same amount of waste but your filter is biologically dead.If your ammonia levels rise on your test kit then this has happened.I always suggest regularly testing after maintenance to keep an eye out for a spike in the levels.

Once you turn your filter off for more than an hour you can be sure this will kill your biological function too.Low oxygen levels are another sure way to mess up filter performance.Filters need as much oxygen as your fish do.And remember oxygen is temperature dependent.The higher the temp the lower the amount of available oxygen.The third type of filtration we use is chemical.Without going to deep into this because i want to make this simple is the use of chemicals or products that interact with your water in an unbiological way like using resins to absorb Nitrate or else blockers or agents that detoxify.

If we choose and use the correct filter we should have very little issues with our aquarium.Remember a filter is an inert dead thing until you fill it with invisible life.Your filter is not a wonder machine….forget the shiny knobs that is all sales pitch.Bacteria will colonize and settle on any surface as long as there is suitable food source and oxygen levels so you can make a filter using your underpants if you want.What i look for in a filter is quite different.I look for media capacity.I look for through put ie turnover.If you want to nitpick i would test the oxygen levels at the input stage then again at the out put stage to see the amount used in biological function but this is only for my interest really overall oxygen levels of 80 percent should be enough to carry the tank.My suggestion is get a good external for one.I love externals that’s is why there are so many on our site and we sell them so cheap.They take up very little room in the tank which is pleasing to the eye.They have a very high carrying capacity and if you use heterotrophic cultures of bacteria in your tank on a weekly basis you should be able to reduce the physical load in your system by up to 70 percent….imagine that.Yes we can do this.We have done it for Maynooth fisheries.We reduced waste levels by a dramatic amount riding the lake of blanketweed into the bargain.So if we can tackle a lake imagine what we can do to an aquarium.For aquariums you will see similar products title sludge busters etc. I suggest you use them but they have to be used regularly for the results to really shine.

Anyway this discussion is a quick blog to help some of the confusion when it comes to selecting filters.Most filters are good.There i said it.Choose one that suits your needs.That is where we come in.Go to your local fish shop and have a chat….biological filtration is my life i have over 40 sump filters alone to manage in work….if you have any queries i would be delighted to help out.


Ian Patrick Compton


How to keep agressive fish. 18/12/2013.


As you know by now my name is Ian and i own and run Aquatic Village.I am not sure what you actually know about us but let us say we have the maddest shop in the country and i hope this is for all the correct reasons.I have been in business for nearly 16 yrs and to date i run the biggest collection of fish in the country….; me it is mental sometimes. I say this just to let you know that i am not some snot nosed kid that works in a superstore that’s been keeping fish for a week and thinks he knows all.No one knows all and i am alright with that.But i know all i need to know about what makes me different to anyone else in the trade.

I fish for fish i dive with fish i eat fish and i have the largest personal collection of fish in the business and its not for sale.So i hope you can see where i am coming from.Now let us talk about something real.Something everyone experiences at some stage.Can i add here that fish do not read books so do not expect them to act like they have.People forget that our animals become institutionalized.Yes they do.We change the way they act because every day without thinking we are training them without even realizing this.

I often hear things like ‘When i introduced new fish they were attacked instantly’ or my new fish were eaten…..blah blah there is a zillion combinations of this sort of thing.Well think as to why something like this may happen.First of all it is not aggression.When a lion is chewing your leg he is not displaying aggression he is merely eating you. If you pull your leg away then what you will experience next will be more akin to aggression.You have trained your fish to rush to the surface and devour as quickly as possible anything that you drop in to the tank.Does this make sense?Then why did you not think of it before i explained this?

This is one of the problems we face in the trade.Common sense and fish keeping are mostly alien to each other.In future feed your fish well before adding new individuals it will make life a little easier for you trust me.Fish aggression is usually sparked by territorial issues.If there are pairs in the tank then this will escalate.Some fish will show aggression towards fish of their own body shape.Red tailed black sharks versus bala sharks for instance would be a common example of this sort of aggression.Breeding should always be carrie3d out in a separate tank away from the main tank if you want to keep the peace.

Real aggression comes from the incorrect stocking levels of certain fish.Some species are meant to be kept in overcrowded conditions and that is the long and short of it.I know the do gooder inside of you is screaming out nooooo…..but i hate do gooders so i am going to ignore you.What do fish want from life?Well look at that ridiculous dog beside you in that ridiculous Christmas outfit .Yes you are the problem.Fish want food and water quality and lots of sex.That’s it now get over it.

Stop turning your pets into freaky humans they are animals.We can still love them of course that is allowed.Certain fish species exist in massive groups.Damsels for instance.Shops sell you one or two for your tank then as they grow the run amok……er……common sense should kick in here.Their nature is to cling to the smallest territory and defend it with their lives.Solution is to overcrowd them by keeping as many as you can fit into the tank without compromising the water quality.The same with Malawi cichlids and Tanganyikans……i have nearly 300 in my own tank and there is rarely any trouble because as soon as an individual chases an opponent away another takes its place and so on.

I used to have a tank of death up in Aquatic Village.Twelve big Oscars in a four foot tank.There was no aggression.They were overcrowded but it did not seem to matter.You put two Oscars in a tank together if they do not pair up they will most likely bash each other till one submits.Same with most big South Americans or any cichlid for that matter.That is why i can keep 100 juwel cichlids in a 90 litre stock tank.So really what i am trying to get across to you is that if you want to keep certain species look into their habits and traits.If they live in groups then that is an indicator for a start.A classic example is tiger barbs.We keep them in large groups so they will spend most of their time bothering each other.Reduce their numbers and you will see them pick more often on tank mates.

A happy tank is a heavily stocked tank but a heavily stocked tank should be run using double the equipment.If a problem occurs it is better to be using two filters in case one packs up…..two heaters for the same reason use two 150 watts instead of one 300 watt if you need too and make sure your aquarium is well aerated.Oxygen levels are critical.The quickest killer will not be a temperature drop it will be the oxygen levels.Besides your filters will use as much oxygen as your fish do.

So aggression needs to be addressed. If you do not go down the heavy stocking route then that fish will own that tank so good luck on that one.If your fish is causing too much havoc then return it to the shop before it is too late.But remember you are in control from the start.Decide on the set up then stock accordingly.Shoaling fish are kept in shoals.Reef fish are kept in overcrowded conditions and Donegal catch is kept in the freezer.





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Whitespot control.

whitespotwhite spot 2

Hello again,

Okay the dreaded white spot.I am not going to be technical here.If you want to learn about life cycles then go and research this further.The one rule is this always treat your tank for white spot when you purchase new fish….if you do not then best of luck to you.Always raise your temperature to at least 28 degrees for the week after your new introduction.This will speed up the life cycle of the parasite and we should be able to get rid of it quicker.If you raise the temperature make sure you increase the oxygen levels remember the higher the temperature the lower the oxygen level is.

White spot can have a visible phase that’s the easiest to recognise but you can have also have an invisible infestation at a microscopic level.Unfortunately with white spot it is the secondary infection that actually kill the fish so a good idea that I employ would be to use a product like Melafix in conjunction with the white spot treatment to combat the knock on problem.This is what i do so if you do it too then that is your choice remember that!

Learn to recognise this quickly hence the photo attached to this blog.White spot is a myriad of tiny white spots and under the microscope it appears as cylindrical blob with millions of little smaller offspring swimming around inside it.

The big big problem is that there are mutations due to the level of farming out there so some out breaks can be much harder to kill.I reccommend either Protazol by the company Sera this is a serious treatment i love it or else Ws3 by King British also a cracking white spot treatment.

Anyway this info should help for now you can contact me if you think i should go into more depth remember test your water every day during treatments variables can change oh so quickly!


Ian Patrick Compton



Disease control in a nut shell…..

People have been asking me about the do’s and the dont’s of fish keeping and pointers here and there.Well for one there are no miracles and no miracle treatments for one.There is only science and reality.Yes this is a science.Fish keeping is a living visceral thing.As I mentioned before we communicate with our fish via test kits there is no other fish keeping so remember to buy your own kit do not let shops test your water for you that is doing you no favour……you will remain ignorant of what is going on.

Okay my train of thought keeps going all over the place I am trying to do this with customers chatting to me…..arrrrgh….be polite Ian…..

The first real physical problem you will face as a fish keeper is recognizing the health status of your fish.

1.Fish should not rub themselves off objects in the aquarium.If you observe this behaviour then most likely you have a parasite problem.Make sure you have no nitrite levels as nitrite acts as an irritant as well as a physical poison it will also prevent your fish from assimilating oxygen this is a condition called black blood……it aint good!We can talk more about this some other time…..if you want.Anyway if your fish are flicking you have a problem.The main problem is the parasites we deal with are essentially invisible to the naked eye.If you can see something then it usually aint a major problem but as always there are exceptions.The main problems with parasites is the invisible damage they do.They will leave microscopic wounds that will become infected.This is called secondary infection.You can see this and nine times out of ten the infection will get colonized by a fungus this will be easier to see.And this is the mistake.Treating for fungus is not going to solve the original problem.

2.Fish should always have their fins spread out proud from the body unless they are fleeing from predators or moving particularly fast.

3.When you are in a shop and you put your hand to the surface of a tank fish should respond eagerly looking for food.If this does not happen then beware…..healthy fish are always hungry.

4.Buy your fish from a reputable supplier……not someone who sells fish because its a money spinner.Go to Aquatic Stores not superstores or garden centers manned by kids or idiots… will be fooled because you know no better.Follow my advice this is not rocket science.If you randomly buy fish then you will probably give up pretty soon.

5.We all have dead fish on occasion it is impossible to keep 450 tanks free from the odd floater….if you are in a shop with only a few tanks and plenty of floaters then leggit….that is the standard they have set for themselves there should be no excuse for selling dodgy animals period.

6.Learn to recognise whitespot it is the number one killer.All fish carry this parasite it appears like tiny salt grains all over the fish.A lot of stores have their tanks centralized so if one tank has it then they probably all have it.We have our systems running independently every metre that means each metre is self contained so we can limit health problems.That is the way it should be.

7.If you really want to learn about the hobby do not be afraid to ask questions.We love questions and we never get tired of answering them.Our motto is there is no such thing as a stupid question just a stupid answer.

8.Make sure your fish are packed separately.Do this and they will travel better.Do not let shops give you a dolly mixture in the one bag this is unforgivable.God knows what will happen in that bag before you arrive home.

9.If you see a problem well then mention it to a staff member.If you are not happy then let your feelings be known.Chances are your opinion will be correct have the dealers in the country have not got the slightest clue what they are actually doing so it is important to speak up.Common sense makes the best fish keeper.

10.If there is a problem in a dealers tank or system then you run the risk of bringing it home so under no circumstances buy fish from that tank or system and that’s the law!Do not be tempted to rescue a fish and treat it at home because if it is going to survive it should not be sick in the first place.




Why I reccomend using two seperate filters in an aquarium 25/10/2013

When people talk to me about water quality and how to maintain the correct parameters within your aquarium we normally come up against the same problems again and again.For one most people are in the dark when it comes to the actual workings of their biological filters.By this i mean what actually goes on inside them.People get more caught up in brand names and the like without realizing that’s not what filtration is about.

Firstly a filter is not a magical machine.We concentrate two forms of bacteria inside the unit and nourish it by passing waste through the colonies.Once there is a continuous flow of nitrogenous waste bacteria will colonize that area.The amount of waste will determine the size of the colony.Therefore most filters will work biologically the choice of filter is a personal one.

Nitrobacter and nitrosomonas are the two principal bacteria used in our hobby there are others but lets keep this simple.These bacteria will grow to form a biofilm which is a jelly like substance that will cover all the available surface area in your aquarium and filter.It takes 6-8 weeks to establish them.When you service your filter you must use water taken from the aquarium and not tap water.Municipal tap water is the enemy.Usually it is full of chlorine and chlorine kills bacteria.So when you are servicing the filter clean it using aquarium water and the water you replace back into the tank make sure it has been sufficiently conditioned using a water conditioner and make sure it is also the correct temperature.

No matter how careful you are in this process you will destroy the biological function of your filter.This is a major problem!Do you know why?Thank god i do:)It is very important to understand that fish poo is not the only waste produced by our fish.75% of a fishes waste is exchanged via the gills.


Our new website…..25/10/2013

Hi guys just to let you know our new website is under construction as i am sure you all can see.The online shop itself will be open for business soon we are just doing the final touches.For the moment though you can purchase our on line vouchers straight away for buying live fish.Yes that is half price folks.Not only are our fish the healthiest in the country now we can double the value of your money too.This offer wont last for ever so take advantage of it now.If you have any questions email us or visit our Facebook page and you can message us from there.



Ian Patrick Compton

Did you know? 22/10/2013

Hello there,

Did you know that Aquatic Village recycles all it’s own cardboard and newspaper?In fact anything we can break down to form compost we will use.You may ask yourself how we do it well the answer is simple we have our very own worm factory!

Yes you read this correctly.We use worms to recycle our  waste.In our worm factory we have over 1 million worms which consume our waste and produces worm castings which in turn we will use for composting.This type of composting is called vermicomposting and in fact this type of composting produces the richest compost money can buy.

One of the main reasons I do this is out of sheer curiosity.To see the worm colonies grow in number is really something else.Also i get great satisfaction knowing that I am doing my bit for the environment.We will also sell the worms to our public not only as fish food but as a starting culture for their own vermicomposting.

Imagine your own little worm factory at home.You could efficiently recycle all your house hold waste that is bio degradable.Imagine the benefits.You would have your own supply of worms to enrich your soil with if needs be or else if your happy with just composting think of all the benefits of having an unending supply of compost at your fingertips.Think of the educational opportunity for your kids?This could be the introduction to nature that turns them into a greener person.

Did you know that most modern gardens have a poor supply of earthworms due to the nature of the way they have been constructed.Modern day construction over rubble and marl with a thin layer of topsoil leaves little for the worms to colonize.And besides modern day pesticides and additives have decimated worm populations anyway.Do you know just how important earthworms actually are to the environment?They are vital for the health of our habitats.They continuously move and aerate the soil.What else does this?They enrich the soil with their castings.They will improve drainage and the list goes on trust me.

That is one of the main reasons i have started my own worm factory.Not only can i re use our shop waste in another more beneficial form i can do a little to help the environment which i am not ashamed to say makes me proud.We cannot all be minuses and that makes me a plus for once in my life.

Did you know that Aquatic Village has it’s own livestock breeding program?Yes we breed a lot of fish species and have done for over ten years.We have taken it a little further though with over one third of our tanks dedicated to the practice of raising fry.We are probably one of the first to do this.Originally Aquatic Village was set up to breed and raise Koi (Japanese carp)we were the first successful facility to achieve this in Ireland.That’s 15years ago.Now half the country claims to be the first I say with a big smile on my face.Now days we bred a massive list of animals so every day is different with worms being the latest addition to the family.

People often ask me what make us different than everyone else?I always smile.We are too different to make comparisons with other aquatic stores because we are mental and liable to try anything for the sheer thrill of it.

If anything i have discussed here interest you then get in touch let’s have a chat you will never know what might happen!



Ian Patrick Compton



Why do my fish keep dying? 21/10/2013

Ah yes…..i thought i would start this topic and see where it takes me.I have kept and been into fish since i was eleven years old and now i am forty five…….sounds weird when i say it like that.I run the largest independent fish house in Ireland and to date we have received several awards for what we do.We are a shed in the middle of nowhere hidden from view with no passing trade and yet despite it all we are still here.I wonder about that too by the way.

Why am i different to all my competitors?Well for one i am a fish keeper.I have the largest collection of freshwater fish in the country in fact if i sold some of them i could probably eat more than just beans and toast. I am fanatical about what i let leave the building.Health wise that is.

There is though after all a very serious issue here.I hear this every day of my life ‘Why do my fish keep dying?’On the basis that most people can feed and look after themselves and are at least mildly intelligent i truly believe not every customer is completely incompetent and can not keep fish alive.And if the customer tests his water parameters on a regular basis then i think hand on my heart that there are deeper routed problems here to address.I do not believe for one moment that people intentionally set out to kill there livestock even though accidents do happen.They happen to me on a regular basis.

I believe the real issues as to why my fish keep dying is the trade.From my experience as a supplier to the trade i feel i am more than qualified to make that statement.One of the reason i pulled back from supplying the trade was the sheer incompetence of the traders i was dealing with.Now i mean incompetent.I was supplying fish to people that had less knowledge than even novice fish keepers have and they were supplying the public?Oh my god….they were frustrating times let me tell you.Most of the shops but not all of them sell fish to make money…..they are not hobbyists.Most shops but not all of them will sell you anything to turn a penny because if it dies in their tank they have lost the money.That does not happen here.With me.We have so many stock tanks that we can sell other items if an animal is not healthy.But because Ireland is Ireland and people do not care about one another anymore those shops will continue to sell fish that are unfit for sale.And do you know why?Because the public are to stupid to realize this.

I am not saying everything i sell stays perfect that would be arrogant.What i am saying is the best of what we have goes out the door.If i have problems then we exclude the problems from going on sale.Other shops cannot afford to do this.Also every meter of our stock tanks are self contained ie each bank of tanks.Most shops centralize their systems for convenience sake we do not.So we do not have problems going through all our tanks.Now let me get back to an earlier point i made.Customers losing fish.You would lose a lot less fish if you were not so lazy.Get off your you no what and support the shops that have the reputation for healthy stock.The lazy people buy the closet possible usually at a superstore or a garden center.Superstores and garden centers are a no no….trust me.To them it is a numbers game….there will be a new face serving you every other week.That is a bad reflection on that business.There should be stringent regulation that would end that for a start.

Anyway sorry i have so much to say i am wandering here.It is about why fish keep dying….OK on the basis that you acclimatize your fish correctly by adding aquarium water to the bag slowly over 20 to 30 min till bag fills up and your water parameters are where they should be then fish after a period of six weeks should fully acclimatize.What i mean by acclimatize is that the fish will have adjusted to the water conditions in your tank.This six week window is the real issue here.Most people will have their issues in that period.To overcome this deadly time you must quarantine your fish.Yes you must not me.If i quarantine a fish then give it to you the same thing will happen.Shops that boast about quarantine….don’t really know what they are talking about.It’s just win you over.This is a science after all remember that.

Once you move a fish technically it will need to be re quarantined.One of the biggest problems you will face as a fish keeper is parasites.Most parasites are invisible to the naked eye and any you can see tend not to be a major issue.The parasites we deal with are microscopic and they tend to be the culprits 8 of of ten times.So how can garden centers and superstores and fish shops sell fish if they do not understand the issues they are passing out?I do thankfully.But do you know the worst thing?You do not know either so you become trapped.You buy a fish chance are it will have a heavy parasite load and then it kicks off when you get the time bomb home.This kills me.Everyday i get people coming to me with the same stories my fish keep dying and then they tell me where they bought them.Basically i now say ‘what do you expect?’Sure people are too lazy to keep fish in Ireland.They will go back to the same shop again and again with cap in hand to get advice from some 16 year old that is keeping fish for a week themselves.This is the trap!This is why your fish keep dying!

A perfect example.A friend of ours who buys all his fish off me went to a superstore recently and bought some cardinal tetras.Two days later he lost those cardinals plus forty of his own which were mine plus forty rummy nosed tetra which were mine plus his corydoras. nI told him to back to that store and raise hell….he is going back today.

So basically another shop has wrecked the hobby for one of my customers.I took samples of his dead fish and showed him the problems under the microscope he was appalled.Now most people will take this on the chin.At least for a while.They wont question the stock they are getting even if there are dead fish in the tanks.I keep saying to people use your common sense for god sake.People can be so stupid they make me want to scream.Some of our best customers travel the length of Ireland to visit me and it’s is great to meet enthusiastic people it recharges the battery.250 thousand people within 6 miles of me and what do i have to listen too?’Your too far out!’ i can not help people like that.If i have to explain to them that if they complain to me about why their fish die all the time then tell me i am too far out i will eventually strangle one of them.


But on a more serious note.The health of fish in Irish stores today is shocking.I can look after 425 tanks on my own why can’t they look after what little they have? So stop buying fish in shops that have a poor track record.It is as simple as that.Do not buy from people that do not know what they are doing end of!If your water quality is good then there is a problem.That is a fact.Where did you buy that problem?Go back and get it sorted.

Fish do die.Some will not make it home.This happens.Why do all the old fish die off in my tank and not the new ones or the other classic the new ones died and all my own are still okay…..these are fairly easy questions to answer.When you add new fish to your tank they will enter the six week viscous circle of adjustment.In that time period a lot can happen.I will run through a few scenarios.New fish dying.New arrivals are stressed malnourished most probably and possible unsuitable for your aquarium water parameters.New fish will probably have a heavy parasite load.New fish will be bullied most likely because you have trained your fish to eat what comes into your aquarium through feeding regimes so feed your fish well before adding new fish.Older tank mates will have adjusted to all the madness of your tank they should be fitter stronger and more able to deal with newbies.If new fish survive and older stock dies there is a probability that you have introduced a new problem which will be invisible to the naked eye.I will talk later about how to deal with these health issues.Fish keeping is a science so get to grips with it.If you do not have a full test kit then keep donkeys are something else instead.If a shop tells you that they will test your water for you then run….they are the culprits……..they keep you ignorant…..then they make you feel guilty and then they will tell you lies and slowly but surely the great wheel turns and another person leaves the hobby!!


Ian Patrick Compton



Finally get this blog thing working…..14/10/2013

Hello there,

As you all probably know my name is Ian.Unfortunately a lot of people won’t know who I am so more is the pity.Sometimes i say and do things that people don’t agree with but trust me to get the most out of what it is I do lets just get over the impressions thing.For one i am probably one of the longest standing aquatic specialists in the country that keeps fish himself.I have the largest freshwater collection you will ever probably see so that makes me a fish nut….so you are in good hands.

As for Aquatic Village…what is there to say?We are the weirdest and probably most wonderful place on the planet today.Why?My god where do I start?We evolved in a shed for a start.We are hidden away in the middle of nowhere even Google maps can’t get us right.But the most important thing to remember is we have been helping people from the start.Okay i have bad days.Every body does from time to time.I say mad things and do mad things but lets get over my bedside manner.Aquatic Village is special.We will help our loyal followers till the bitter end.There are some out there that can vouch for this and i hope there will be many more in the future.
It is all about fish.Just remember that folks.We have over 400 tanks of fish here and challenge any shop to reach our standards of fish health…and for the most i look after these tanks on my own.So i can eat fish,sleep fish and play with the fish it isn’t a fake thing.

Why am i talking myself up here hmmmm ?Well i am trying to explain to you why we are a positive as opposed to a negative.There are way too many stores out there peddling something they know nothing about.Fish should be sold by passionate knowledgeable people not accounts and shiny superstores.Garden centres and hardware shops …What the hell?
Come up and let me show you stuff.Let’s just talk.Let’s talk about Monster fish keeping and Jungle Hooks and fish warrior…we sell all those fish by the way….but my commitment to the public is I WILL TAKE BACK ALL LIVESTOCK WHICH I HAVE SOLD AND I WILL FIND SUITABLE HOMES FOR THOSE ANIMALS….so let’s drop the arguments over what fish should be kept versus what shouldn’t it is a lame and totally pointless conversation.Either we keep fish in captivity or we don’t that is the argument.No body ever cries about the million neon tetras that probably get killed in aquariums every year do they?All we can do is our best full stop and that is where i come in.
My job is to help people keep fish.So i will help you.That’s the simplest answer i can give on the subject.I am a tweeker and problem fixer and can i tell you something for real……’I really love my job’

That is why i come to work and stay late for 364 days of the year…..i love what i do.Do you really need a reason to come here?You shouldn’t really need one.I supposed if your too lazy to travel that is cool but it will be your loss and mine too i suppose….so get your finger out!!!


Our resident Giant Gourami ‘Bubbles’ he is a legend!

Giant Gourami

Welcome to Aquatic Village.

First things first.All fish require the same amount of care and attention.There is no secret to fish keeping in essence we are water keepers.Fish look after themselves.Our job is to provide the correct water quality for them and when i say water quality i do not mean water clarity.There is a fundamental difference between the two.If you think clear water is the answer to all your problems then you are setting off down the wrong road.

As fish keepers our goal is to make sure that our animals are living in the correct environment and to achieve this we need to test the parameters of our water.It is your job as a fish keeper to purchase a complete water test kit.Do not under any circumstances rely on your local fish shop to do this for you.It is your hobby your fish will die on your time not theirs Murphy s law applies to fish as well by the way.

When I talk about water testing the first thing people do is cringe…..why?This is not rocket science it is in fact probably one of the most interesting aspects of our hobby.Where does our waste come from and where does it go.Did you no for instance that a substantial part of a fishes waste comes from its gills.Here ammonia is exchanged on a constant basis every time a fish opens and closes its gills.Everyone thinks a fish just poos and that it but no it gets a little more convoluted than that.Waste comes from the decomposition of organic matter.In other words anything organic introduced to our system will break down and release ammonia.This goes for food,plant material,wood,mucous the list is inexhaustible.

The peculiar thing is this waste does not colour our water.So clear water is no indicator.Fish behavior is no real indicator because only more experienced fish keepers will recognize this and by then it may be too late.I tell customers if you would like to work on the water clarity theory then throw your fish in to warm vodka and see how long they last.

Many of our fish species do not come from clear water environments.They almost always come from biologically clean ones.Some waters have high turbidity meaning the water may be stained with tannins or cloudy from sediment but the amount of nitrogenous waste in the water column is invariably nil.

So we use a test kit to test for four main parameters.Ammonia,nitrite,nitrate and PH.Simple.We keep our Ammonia levels at nil.We keep our nitrite levels at nil.We try to keep by doing suitable water changes our nitrate levels below 20ppm.The bottles are clearly marked we work via a colour chart and we use a 5ml sample.This is how simple things are.All fish require an ammonia and nitrite environment.The only real variance will be the PH of our water.Some fish like a neutral Ph of 7 whereas others will like a more alkaline ph like for example Malawi Cichlid’s.Some fish species will prefer a lower Ph like for instance Discus.

When it comes to wild fish actual P generation specimens then we need to pay more particular attention to the correct Ph levels.Captive bred species tend to be a little more forgiving to fluctuations from the norm.

Remember we are dealing with a closed system.We are god.We must provide food and hygiene for our animals.So the first thing you buy is a test kit.You test your water it is up to you and only you so do not be lazy.

We use filtration to control the nitrogenous waste that accumulates in our tank.What i mean by this is we grow two forms of bacteria on our filter media.Nitrosomonas and nitrobacter.These are a particularly slow growing bacteria.We use cultures to seed our system.It can take up to two months to achieve this.Our filtration is our life support.Depending on temperature and oxygen levels our filter will work to a varying degree.The bacteria we use operate at an optimum temperature of 33 degrees Celsius so most fish keepers will experience different levels of efficiency.Remember our bacteria are oxygen loving so oxygen levels are a critical factor.So make sure you use an appropriate  air pump for the task.Another benefit of using an air pump is that by chance you have a filter malfunction then at least oxygen levels can be maintained.One of the biggest and quickest killers of fish populations is oxygen depletion.Especially for large fish species with a higher oxygen demand.

Whenever possible i suggest the use of two separate filter units.most new set ups will come with one filter included.Just remember that your bacteria colonize your filter media after quite a long time,they form a bio film and grow according to the amount of food present for them (nitrogenous waste)when we clean that filter we will upset the biological function of the filter IE.we will reduce its ability to process waste often to the detriment of our fish.I always suggest using a second filter in conjunction with the first.By alternating the cleaning of the unit say 2-4 weeks apart we can maintain a healthy biological function.The added bonus here is that by running two filters simultaneously you divide the physical load into two units making them more efficient needing less maintenance.

Remember never clean your filters biological media IE sponges etc near untreated tap water.We use water taken from the aquarium.The reason for this is municipal water will invariably contain chlorine and chlorine kills bacteria so in effect you will be sterilizing your filters and we do not want to do that.So tap water must be conditioned using a suitable water conditioner!Remember always test your water in the days following filter maintenance your water may look clean and healthy but by now we should know better!If you have done the job correctly then your ammonia levels and nitrite should be nil the way it should be.

As a note it is important to know ammonia is more toxic at a higher Ph than it is at a lower Ph.So marine keepers and rift valley cichlid keepers bear this in mind.

So forget clear water!Clear water means nothing.Our filters are like factories they take a harmful waste and produce a lesser waste from it called nitrate.This happens 24/7 so do not become complacent.Nitrate has to be removed one way or another.Water changes is the most common way but using plants to consume nitrate is the most aesthetically pleasing.

So a beginner should have at hand a test kit that will test for at least the following ammonia,nitrite,nitrate and ph.Two biological filter units. Water conditioner and a bacteria culture.An air pump.And i would suggest a reliable book.

As for fish………this is where it gets tricky.

More to follow!





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