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Black Friday deals at Aquatic Village. 24/11/2016

Цихлида АКИ темно синий Ласточкакупить киев аква скарб

Hello everyone,

Just a little update as to what is happening at Aquatic Village these days. The world is going crazy for this black Friday nonsense. Truth be known that in its essence is what it really is. Corporate and commercial grab to fleece the public.

We on the other hand are genuinely giving customers the ideal chance to save money or at least to get better value for their hard earned cash….until the end of this month and not just for one day we will be giving you the chance to purchase tropical fish with a genuine saving of 33 %.

That’s right 33%… 2 get a third absolutely free.

This should be great news for people hoping to build up shoals of schooling fish. If this does not suit we will extend the offer to get a third fish of the same value free so you are not limited…….now that’s fair in my opinion.

So forget loyalty card schemes because that is just what they are, we give you the break every time you spend….and when you spend then we spend on more fish always seeking to improve our stocking levels….that is how we will work together…this is what makes the hobby……..

We are also selling half kilo and kilo slabs of frozen food…..a kilo of bloodworm for instance which is ten normal packets is €24.95 that’s less than €3.00 per pack now that is good value……we will also be doing 3 x 120 gram packs for €10  most shops are3 selling for €5.00 per pack.

Because of this stocks will be limited so make sure you get your supply before we run out at the minute the freezer is full…….

I will be posting updates and snippets as often as i can from now on people have been asking me to set the time aside to keep our subscribers up to date so no problem i would be delighted….so lot’s of topics coming your way…..


Have a wonderful day