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Shipping fish in cold weather
temperatures are too now to send tropical and marine fish shipments and reptiles out by courier, orders will be sent as soon as possible.
shipping livestock winter 2020
hey folks, hope your all safe and well, its winter time again and we are still shipping livestock all over the country just with added delays… firstly we can not ship if the night time . . . Continue Reading
Pond season 2020
Pond Season is under way and although we are in lockdown the store remains open stock arriving weekly, foods, meds, pumps, Uv bulbs,  all essentials, if you cant make it up order online and we will ship directly to your door
New deliveries……..04/10/2018
Hello there. Ian here. We have a new shipment of marine fish in, there are some cracking fish in stock…Like Flame angels….always a crack addition to anyone’s marine aquarium. Some yellow tangs dart fish yellow . . . Continue Reading
Next Day Delivery Explained
next day delivery does not mean the fish will arrive 24h after you have placed the order. it is simply a term used to describe a service offered by the courier company. if you order . . . Continue Reading
delivery cost increase
an increase of delivery charge to €18.50 per box now applies. please remember to keep the boxes and return them if possible polyboxes are damaging to the enviroment so please re-use them rather than despose of them. Aquatic Village
New arrivals….Tropicals 31/01/2018
Hello everyone we have a new delivery arrive today……there are some stunning fish to see and add to your collection… 1. Acarichthys heckelii. 2. Blushing Angelfish. 3. Dantum Angelfish. 4. Golden . . . Continue Reading
live plants
Just to let you all know, we have been sourcing new suppliers for live plants, our plant section remains full from new suppliers such as aquaflora, so if you do not see something on the site please do call in to the store, plants will be added to the online store as they arrive thank you Alan
New arrivals at Aquatic Village 21/03/2017
Hello there,   Just a quick update. We have sturgeon in stock. One of my favourite fish and they make a great addition to your pond everybody should have at least one in their lifetime. . . . Continue Reading
16/03/2017   Hello folks, We have new marines in stock from now on we get a weekly delivery so we are building up our fish stock and corals again. We are also doing pre orders…….we . . . Continue Reading
New arrivals 07/12/2016
#gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see . . . Continue Reading
How many of you read our blogs? 07/12/2016
Hello, We are always wondering do people actually read our blogs? We are determined to put more time in to communicating with people that would actually use our website as a resource. If you are . . . Continue Reading
Honduras Red Point Cichlid 04/12/2016
  We have Honduras Red Point cichlids in stock at the moment…..not an easy fish to find…some customers looking for these. They are a cracking little cichlid from Honduras some classify them as fancy convicts but to be true they are in a different class. Cracking specimens. Remember buy 2 get one free…limited number available…..
New stock arrival. 30/11/2016
Hello everyone, We got a shipment of tropical fish in today. Please take a look at the list below, it is only new stock that is listed we still have a lot of other stock . . . Continue Reading
Sale on at Aquatic Village 27/11/2016
Hello folks, We have decided to bring back Aquatic villages best ever sale offer.   Buy two tropical fish get one free!….that is 33% off…..who seels their finest stock at such low prices?   Only . . . Continue Reading
Stocking your aquarium looking for ideas?
Hello there, Are you bored with your aquarium set up? Tired of the same old fish? Are you looking for something different maybe even a little more colourful? The list of fish available for the . . . Continue Reading
Marine fish invertebrates up date at Aquatic Village.24/11/2016
  Hello everyone, Ian here, just to keep you informed as to our stocking levels and future schedules for our marine section. I have been neglecting our marine section for quite a while there . . . Continue Reading
Black Friday deals at Aquatic Village. 24/11/2016
Hello everyone, Just a little update as to what is happening at Aquatic Village these days. The world is going crazy for this black Friday nonsense. Truth be known that in its essence is . . . Continue Reading
New Arrivals 09-11-2016
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some new arrivals
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Buying Livestock online…
Firstly we would like to start by saying we do not agree with purchasing live fish online but its unavoidable in these times, be it fuel costs, lack of time or simply the convenience of . . . Continue Reading
new koi room
the latest project at aquatic village, new koi room the entire room had to taken back to bare concrete and rebuilt as a purpose built koi holding facility. together the ponds hold 10000L and will . . . Continue Reading
website updating
well folks a lot of you have asked in the past few weeks about our website, why its not being updated on a regular basis ect ect. the main reason is that its easier and . . . Continue Reading
Looking to order fish? Czech republic list.
Hello, Are you looking to order new fish? Stuff that we may not have in stock then go to our master lists and scroll down through them. Pick what it is that you are looking . . . Continue Reading
Incoming fish from Czech Republic Wednesday 26/08/2016
Aequidens dorsigera (3.5 – 4.0) Apistogramma agassizii Alenquer Red Tail Pairs (3.0 – 4.0) Apistogramma agassizii Red Pairs (3.0 – 4.0) Apistogramma borellii Yellow-Head (2.5 – 3.0) Apistogramma cacatuoides “Triple-Red” Pairs (2.0 – . . . Continue Reading
Now delivering livestock direct to your door
12/08/2015 Hello everyone, Okay due to extreme pressure we have given in.Within the next week or so all our livestock will be available for delivery next day nationwide.Yes you heard correctly. We are setting it . . . Continue Reading
new arrivals 22/07/15
Keyhole Cichlid Hap. Borleyi Redfin Hap. Fenustratus Eastern Otopharynx Lithobates Zimbawe Rock Demasoni Lionhead Cichlid Tropheus Dubosi Black Angelfish Gold Angelfish Gold Widdow Tetr Ember Tetra Orange Flame Tetra Red Eye Tetra XL Neons Diamond . . . Continue Reading
Customers questions and answers 19/02/2014
Rainwater……………………………..   Hi there, The other day a couple of people on facebook asked me about the suitability of rainwater for use in fish keeping.This is a really good subject to have a banter about . . . Continue Reading
Customers questions and answers 19/02/2014
Hi there thanks for the appreciation.As for sumps i am not really a major fan of them they come with the systems i use so that’s the real reason i use them.Fish keepers are . . . Continue Reading
Customer questions and answers 18/02/2014
Questions and answers from my customers….. i am going setup a new filter for a african cichlid tank. it has three empty baskets what media should i use or should i use sponge filters on . . . Continue Reading
Customer question and answers 18/02/2014
Questions and answers from a customer…… Also, what are your thoughts on the addition of carbon to your system? Answer:) Hi there sorry for late reply poxy internet has been down for a bit there.The . . . Continue Reading
Hi there, One of the most important subjects known to man……filtration.When it comes to filtration most people can feel a little overwhelmed by the concept.Not to worry that’s why i am gonna try in a . . . Continue Reading
How to keep agressive fish. 18/12/2013.
Hello, As you know by now my name is Ian and i own and run Aquatic Village.I am not sure what you actually know about us but let us say we have the maddest shop . . . Continue Reading
Whitespot control.
Hello again, Okay the dreaded white spot.I am not going to be technical here.If you want to learn about life cycles then go and research this further.The one rule is this always treat your . . . Continue Reading
Disease control in a nut shell…..
People have been asking me about the do’s and the dont’s of fish keeping and pointers here and there.Well for one there are no miracles and no miracle treatments for one.There is only science and . . . Continue Reading
Why I reccomend using two seperate filters in an aquarium 25/10/2013
When people talk to me about water quality and how to maintain the correct parameters within your aquarium we normally come up against the same problems again and again.For one most people are in the . . . Continue Reading
Our new website…..25/10/2013
Hi guys just to let you know our new website is under construction as i am sure you all can see.The online shop itself will be open for business soon we are just doing the . . . Continue Reading
Did you know? 22/10/2013
Hello there, Did you know that Aquatic Village recycles all it’s own cardboard and newspaper?In fact anything we can break down to form compost we will use.You may ask yourself how we do it well . . . Continue Reading
Why do my fish keep dying? 21/10/2013
Ah yes…..i thought i would start this topic and see where it takes me.I have kept and been into fish since i was eleven years old and now i am forty five…….sounds weird when i . . . Continue Reading
Finally get this blog thing working…..14/10/2013
Hello there, As you all probably know my name is Ian.Unfortunately a lot of people won’t know who I am so more is the pity.Sometimes i say and do things that people don’t agree with . . . Continue Reading
Our resident Giant Gourami ‘Bubbles’ he is a legend!
Welcome to Aquatic Village. First things first.All fish require the same amount of care and attention.There is no secret to fish keeping in essence we are water keepers.Fish look after themselves.Our job is to . . . Continue Reading