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Did you know? 22/10/2013

Hello there,

Did you know that Aquatic Village recycles all it’s own cardboard and newspaper?In fact anything we can break down to form compost we will use.You may ask yourself how we do it well the answer is simple we have our very own worm factory!

Yes you read this correctly.We use worms to recycle our  waste.In our worm factory we have over 1 million worms which consume our waste and produces worm castings which in turn we will use for composting.This type of composting is called vermicomposting and in fact this type of composting produces the richest compost money can buy.

One of the main reasons I do this is out of sheer curiosity.To see the worm colonies grow in number is really something else.Also i get great satisfaction knowing that I am doing my bit for the environment.We will also sell the worms to our public not only as fish food but as a starting culture for their own vermicomposting.

Imagine your own little worm factory at home.You could efficiently recycle all your house hold waste that is bio degradable.Imagine the benefits.You would have your own supply of worms to enrich your soil with if needs be or else if your happy with just composting think of all the benefits of having an unending supply of compost at your fingertips.Think of the educational opportunity for your kids?This could be the introduction to nature that turns them into a greener person.

Did you know that most modern gardens have a poor supply of earthworms due to the nature of the way they have been constructed.Modern day construction over rubble and marl with a thin layer of topsoil leaves little for the worms to colonize.And besides modern day pesticides and additives have decimated worm populations anyway.Do you know just how important earthworms actually are to the environment?They are vital for the health of our habitats.They continuously move and aerate the soil.What else does this?They enrich the soil with their castings.They will improve drainage and the list goes on trust me.

That is one of the main reasons i have started my own worm factory.Not only can i re use our shop waste in another more beneficial form i can do a little to help the environment which i am not ashamed to say makes me proud.We cannot all be minuses and that makes me a plus for once in my life.

Did you know that Aquatic Village has it’s own livestock breeding program?Yes we breed a lot of fish species and have done for over ten years.We have taken it a little further though with over one third of our tanks dedicated to the practice of raising fry.We are probably one of the first to do this.Originally Aquatic Village was set up to breed and raise Koi (Japanese carp)we were the first successful facility to achieve this in Ireland.That’s 15years ago.Now half the country claims to be the first I say with a big smile on my face.Now days we bred a massive list of animals so every day is different with worms being the latest addition to the family.

People often ask me what make us different than everyone else?I always smile.We are too different to make comparisons with other aquatic stores because we are mental and liable to try anything for the sheer thrill of it.

If anything i have discussed here interest you then get in touch let’s have a chat you will never know what might happen!



Ian Patrick Compton