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Finally get this blog thing working…..14/10/2013

Hello there,

As you all probably know my name is Ian.Unfortunately a lot of people won’t know who I am so more is the pity.Sometimes i say and do things that people don’t agree with but trust me to get the most out of what it is I do lets just get over the impressions thing.For one i am probably one of the longest standing aquatic specialists in the country that keeps fish himself.I have the largest freshwater collection you will ever probably see so that makes me a fish nut….so you are in good hands.

As for Aquatic Village…what is there to say?We are the weirdest and probably most wonderful place on the planet today.Why?My god where do I start?We evolved in a shed for a start.We are hidden away in the middle of nowhere even Google maps can’t get us right.But the most important thing to remember is we have been helping people from the start.Okay i have bad days.Every body does from time to time.I say mad things and do mad things but lets get over my bedside manner.Aquatic Village is special.We will help our loyal followers till the bitter end.There are some out there that can vouch for this and i hope there will be many more in the future.
It is all about fish.Just remember that folks.We have over 400 tanks of fish here and challenge any shop to reach our standards of fish health…and for the most i look after these tanks on my own.So i can eat fish,sleep fish and play with the fish it isn’t a fake thing.

Why am i talking myself up here hmmmm ?Well i am trying to explain to you why we are a positive as opposed to a negative.There are way too many stores out there peddling something they know nothing about.Fish should be sold by passionate knowledgeable people not accounts and shiny superstores.Garden centres and hardware shops …What the hell?
Come up and let me show you stuff.Let’s just talk.Let’s talk about Monster fish keeping and Jungle Hooks and fish warrior…we sell all those fish by the way….but my commitment to the public is I WILL TAKE BACK ALL LIVESTOCK WHICH I HAVE SOLD AND I WILL FIND SUITABLE HOMES FOR THOSE ANIMALS….so let’s drop the arguments over what fish should be kept versus what shouldn’t it is a lame and totally pointless conversation.Either we keep fish in captivity or we don’t that is the argument.No body ever cries about the million neon tetras that probably get killed in aquariums every year do they?All we can do is our best full stop and that is where i come in.
My job is to help people keep fish.So i will help you.That’s the simplest answer i can give on the subject.I am a tweeker and problem fixer and can i tell you something for real……’I really love my job’

That is why i come to work and stay late for 364 days of the year…..i love what i do.Do you really need a reason to come here?You shouldn’t really need one.I supposed if your too lazy to travel that is cool but it will be your loss and mine too i suppose….so get your finger out!!!