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How many of you read our blogs? 07/12/2016


We are always wondering do people actually read our blogs? We are determined to put more time in to communicating with people that would actually use our website as a resource.

If you are one of those people why not send us an email confirming this that indeed this could be something you are interested in.

Why do i ask?

Well i believe people are interested in stories and happenings as well as information on what we do professionally.

Getting the mix right is the secret though.

We work in the most interesting place in the business, did you know Aquatic Village is the longest serving specialist in the country today/

Yes indeed.

But in this cyber age we have come to realize that we need to reach out more because now our audience is the world and that world would really appreciate a tiny slice of what we do.

For instance yesterday i had to examine a customers fish, it;s eye to be exact….he had a goldfish with one orb swollen so badly it was literally hanging from the eye socket, to make matters worse it was covered in what proved to be fungus.

I had to cut a sample from the eye and under the microscope we found out why the fungus had taken hold and was doing so much damage…..can you guess why?

I will let you think about it for a moment.



Fish keeping is a science.

At Aquatic Village we are not guessers.

Unfortunately the trade is ruined by charlatans and guessers.

Fungus is an opportunist. It normally invades after a primary problem has done its damage. So finding fungus on a fish is more of an indicator rather than the main culprit for the condition.

Obviously water conditions have to be taken into account and once satisfied we can proceed. In this case the parameters were spot on…Ph crashes can be the culprit in many cases fish tend to display similar symptoms due to acidosis….lots of mucous production….fraying of the fins, blood vessels rupturing, general lethargy and most likely death…..i cannot stress the importance of the correct PH balance you must test your system at least once a week….this is how we communicate with our animals.

Anyway i am digressing….as usual.

The primary culprit turned out to be white spot.

That’s right.

And only on the eye.

Unusual to say the least.

But whitespot under a microscope is very easy to recognize the tell tale circular body with its insides wriggling with new life waiting to invade it’s defenseless victim……you guys are used to seeing the tiny white dots that pepper the fish but this is not always the case….this is why my customers bring their fish to me, we offer this as a free service… competitors would not know where to begin.

Anyway problem solved.

But in general i would like to make a little more time for sharing stuff like this with you, i do this on a daily basis.

I will post this up on forums and facebook and our website and if this is useful to you then by all means let us know by emailing us at .

Also you can include topics relevant to your fishkeeping and i will try to address them… it marine/coldwater/koi in particular/tropical i do not mind i have been doing this since i was 11 and i am 49 now so i think i can be the angel on your shoulder.

Thank you for your time,

aquatic village team,


Ian Patrick Compton

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