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Marine fish invertebrates up date at Aquatic Village.24/11/2016



Hello everyone,

Ian here, just to keep you informed as to our stocking levels and future schedules for our marine section.

I have been neglecting our marine section for quite a while there is no doubt about that, this is partly to do with the level of interest shown by the public. In recent years the decline in demand has been startling so it was not viable to keep our tanks stocked with expensive fish that may or may not sell.

But enough is enough. We do not want to be left behind after all we are 15 yrs bringing marines into the country and nurturing the hobby i would like to grow our marine base again…a little like fragging ourselves….starts with one polyp then we become two…little acorns.

We had a shipment last week, wasn’t huge but it was mainly to kick start our systems get them moving again.

Several customers eagerly cleared us out 🙂 but we still have some nice fish mega healthy…..

We have struck some new deals with suppliers.

One in particular will deliver to us next day so anything you need drop us an email we will get you a price depending of course on availability…this stock will be coming from quarantined facilities.

We have a separate shipment due in this coming week so do not worry…this shipment will be bigger than the last i will post up the stock as i learn more.

If you guy’s and girls want anything in particular having read this post feel free to message us either on our Facebook page or else the website and we will do our very best to cater for you.

If you need any help or advice please feel free to ask we are always delighted to chat and help, it’s what we are known best for.


Thank you for your4 time have a nice day.