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New deliveries……..04/10/2018

Hello there.

Ian here.

We have a new shipment of marine fish in, there are some cracking fish in stock…Like Flame angels….always a crack addition to anyone’s marine aquarium.

Some yellow tangs
dart fish
yellow goatfish….
purple noon angel
eblis angel
blue eye tang
lopez tang
powder blue tang
longnose butterfly
clown tang
round face tang
sailfin tang
vampire tang
picasso trigger
valentini puffer
dogface puffer
box fish …..little cracker…
blue trigger
cleaner shrimp
voltans lion fish
fuzzy dwarf lionfish
cleaner wrasse
pyjama wrasse
silver belly wrasse
snowflake eel
sideria eel
goldrim tang
blue and white wrasse
yellow wrasse
royal gramma
dwarf green goby

theres more but im running out of time……

As always we have lots of trops in….

By the way we have a lot of tropical plants in stock from dennerle…their plants are always great quality…and to match we have some cracking pieces of woods in stock arrived this morning.

Hope this helps you a little…there is alwayus something happening up here…..