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Next Day Delivery Explained

next day delivery does not mean the fish will arrive 24h after you have placed the order.

it is simply a term used to describe a service offered by the courier company.

if you order fish online they will be sent out asap, as we carry such a vast range of fish and inverts things may be out of stock from day to day and they have to be ordered in, this means we then need time to condition the fish before preparing them for delivery.

once the fish are in stock and healthy we then can ship them using the couriers “next day delivery” service.

the fish will arrive within 24h of being packed

but please be aware and understand that once the fish leave the shop what happens to them
is out of our control, we get a tracking number the same as you do.

we also must point out that our chosen courier has not yet let us down
we have had very few if any issues with delivering livestock.

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