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website updating

well folks a lot of you have asked in the past few weeks about our website, why its not being updated on a regular basis ect ect.

the main reason is that its easier and faster to post on our facebook page, and even if you are not a facebooker, there is a scroll from our life feeds of facebook on the website homepage so you can be kept upto date by looking at that.

the second reason for it is that we are 2 staff with 500 tanks, 20000 liters of koi tanks, orders going out coming in phones ringing, water testing/ changeing, feeding fish, cleaning filters, scrubbing algae its non stop, so heres the plan, one day per week will be dedicated to the website so hopefully we can catch up in the near future.

if you have an idea or a suggestion send them in to we love to hear feedback from other fish keepers.