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Whitespot control.

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Hello again,

Okay the dreaded white spot.I am not going to be technical here.If you want to learn about life cycles then go and research this further.The one rule is this always treat your tank for white spot when you purchase new fish….if you do not then best of luck to you.Always raise your temperature to at least 28 degrees for the week after your new introduction.This will speed up the life cycle of the parasite and we should be able to get rid of it quicker.If you raise the temperature make sure you increase the oxygen levels remember the higher the temperature the lower the oxygen level is.

White spot can have a visible phase that’s the easiest to recognise but you can have also have an invisible infestation at a microscopic level.Unfortunately with white spot it is the secondary infection that actually kill the fish so a good idea that I employ would be to use a product like Melafix in conjunction with the white spot treatment to combat the knock on problem.This is what i do so if you do it too then that is your choice remember that!

Learn to recognise this quickly hence the photo attached to this blog.White spot is a myriad of tiny white spots and under the microscope it appears as cylindrical blob with millions of little smaller offspring swimming around inside it.

The big big problem is that there are mutations due to the level of farming out there so some out breaks can be much harder to kill.I reccommend either Protazol by the company Sera this is a serious treatment i love it or else Ws3 by King British also a cracking white spot treatment.

Anyway this info should help for now you can contact me if you think i should go into more depth remember test your water every day during treatments variables can change oh so quickly!


Ian Patrick Compton