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Why I reccomend using two seperate filters in an aquarium 25/10/2013

When people talk to me about water quality and how to maintain the correct parameters within your aquarium we normally come up against the same problems again and again.For one most people are in the dark when it comes to the actual workings of their biological filters.By this i mean what actually goes on inside them.People get more caught up in brand names and the like without realizing that’s not what filtration is about.

Firstly a filter is not a magical machine.We concentrate two forms of bacteria inside the unit and nourish it by passing waste through the colonies.Once there is a continuous flow of nitrogenous waste bacteria will colonize that area.The amount of waste will determine the size of the colony.Therefore most filters will work biologically the choice of filter is a personal one.

Nitrobacter and nitrosomonas are the two principal bacteria used in our hobby there are others but lets keep this simple.These bacteria will grow to form a biofilm which is a jelly like substance that will cover all the available surface area in your aquarium and filter.It takes 6-8 weeks to establish them.When you service your filter you must use water taken from the aquarium and not tap water.Municipal tap water is the enemy.Usually it is full of chlorine and chlorine kills bacteria.So when you are servicing the filter clean it using aquarium water and the water you replace back into the tank make sure it has been sufficiently conditioned using a water conditioner and make sure it is also the correct temperature.

No matter how careful you are in this process you will destroy the biological function of your filter.This is a major problem!Do you know why?Thank god i do:)It is very important to understand that fish poo is not the only waste produced by our fish.75% of a fishes waste is exchanged via the gills.